21 DIY Water Pond Ideas | DIY Water Gardens For Backyards

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If you’ve got a backyard and adding a water feature is your dream, follow it by trying one of these DIY Water Pond Ideas!

1. DIY Backyard Pond

DIY Backyard Pond

Want to DIY a backyard pond? The Popular Mechanics has this tutorial. Find out!

2. Backyard Pond+Waterfall

DIY Water Pond Idea

This breathtaking pond+waterfall is of course not super easy to build and takes some time to come into life.

3. DIY Garden Pond

Learn how to create a garden pond with fishes and plants following the step by step instructions here!

4. Stock Tank Container Pond

Water Pond Ideas

Stock tanks can be used to complete many DIY garden projects like this container pond. Click here to see the tutorial!

5. DIY Natural Pond

This article is a short step by step guide to creating a pond of your own using all natural methods.

6. DIY Pond and Stream for an Outdoor Waterfall

For advanced DIYers, this DIY tutorial at the DIY Network shows how to build a beautiful pond and stream for an outdoor waterfall!

7. DIY Water Garden and Koi Pond

In your backyard, try to create a small beautifully landscaped Koi pond following the step by step instructions given here!

8. Recycled Tires Pond

Water Pond Ideas diy

Get an old tire and a few other supplies to get this pond ready. Click here to see the tutorial!

9. DIY Water Garden Project

amazing Water Pond idea

Visit Lowes.com to see how to build a pond or water garden following their instructions.

10. DIY Pond Construction

 Water Pond DIY

Thinking about having a garden pond in your backyard, this is yet another tutorial to find out!

11. DIY Fish Pond

With the total cost below $100, you can build this fish pond or garden pond. Check out the Instructables!

12. DIY Backyard Pond

DIY Water Pond Ideas for garden

Create a relaxing pond that attracts birds, frogs, butterflies, and crickets in your backyard following the instructions available here!

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13. DIY Natural Backyard Pond

Learn how to build a natural backyard pond that stays clean and algae-free without the use of pumps, filters or chemicals. Visit Mother Earth News!

14. DIY Contemporary Garden Water Feature

Here is a great solar powered water feature that combines the beauty of natural materials with a more modern design, and does it all for less than $30. Visit the Garden Glove to see the tutorial!

15. Inexpensive Backyard Water Feature

Create a backyard water feature for a fraction of the price of hiring a landscaper. Visit Oh My Creative to learn more!

16. DIY Backyard Pond Idea

Want to create a pond in a day, check out this tutorial at the Stretcher.com!


17. DIY Mini Pond

This article by Heather Rhodes from Gardening Know How, gives you a general idea on how to build a Small Pond in your garden. Must check that out here!

18. DIY Wildlife Pond

If the abundance of wildlife gives you peace of mind, must check out this DIY Wildlife Pond tutorial at Discover Wildlife!

19. DIY Garden Pond and Deck

You don’t need advanced skills or expensive tools to add this pond and easy to maintain deck to your garden. Just follow the DIY advice here to get it done!

20. Small Garden Pond Tips

This is not a DIY but a collection of a few important tips for starting a small garden pond. Check this out at the Empress of Dirt!

21. DIY Small Water Garden

This informative DIY article here has everything that you require to learn how to build a small water garden or pond in containers.

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If you've got a backyard and adding a water feature is your dream, follow it by trying one of these DIY Water Pond Ideas!

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  1. Hi, I hope you can still read and give an answer to a few of my questions. First of all, thank you for sharing your knowledge on DIY ponds. It was really nice and I commend you for your determination. I am a teacher and would like to build a pond in our school courtyard. I would like to ask: How do we maintain the water from mosquito larva? Do you put some chemicals into the water? Is it necessary to put a water pump? What type of fish and water plant would be the best to put into the water? Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your response.


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