25 Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

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We’ve got amazing and sturdy Morning Glory Trellis Ideas so you can grow these flowers in all their climbing beauty!

Morning glories can easily grow 6-12 feet tall and even wider, so you need good support for these plants so they don’t overwhelm the walls or fences.

Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

1. Metal Trellis

Morning Glory Trellis Ideas Metal Trellis

A sturdy metal trellis is perfect for Morning Glory flowers – paint it black so the foliage lights up in contrast.

2. Wood Entryway Frame

Morning Glory Trellis IdeasWood Entryway Frame

You can use a wood plank on a wall or entryway as a trellis. A jamb can also be used.

3. Wood Branch Trellis

Wood Branch Trellis in garden

If you’re growing Morning Glories near windows, you can hang a wood branch or driftwood for support. It will make the vines trail down beautifully.

4. Ladder Trellis for Morning Glory

Ladder Trellis for Morning Glory in garden

You can make a ladder trellis or even repurpose an old ladder for this. Just make sure it’s fixed deep into the soil so it doesn’t topple.

5. Window for Support

Window for Support Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

You can let your Morning Glory flowers trail upwards on a window frame, too. It will also keep your room shaded from the bright sun.

6. Use a Wire Mesh

Use a Wire Mesh for morning glory trellis in pot

Just take wire mesh and create a circle at the top of your container, it will support the vine and keep it from falling sideways.

7. Use the Porch Structure

Use the Porch Structure morning glory trellis climbing

Morning Glory vines can also be trained to climb the beams and pillars that support the porch. Plus, your home will look greener and prettier.

8. Morning Glory on the Fence

Morning Glory on the Fence

Get a metal fence and let the flowering vine grow on it – this will support the plant and add privacy to your garden.

9. Use the Home

Use the Home for morning glory trellis idea

If you don’t want to make one, you should use the pillars of your home to support the plant. Just like the pillar below the balcony in the picture above.

10. Metal Pipe Trellis Idea

Metal Pipe Trellis Idea

You can use a metal pipe as a Morning Glory support. Hang the pots on it, too, and they’ll surround the pillar and turn it into a Morning Glory tree.

11. Steel Wire Support

Steel Wire Support for morning glory idea

Get a small length of steel wire and use it to create a light cage around the pot – it will help your Morning Glories grow better and taller.

12. Use Bamboo Sticks

Use Bamboo Sticks for morning glory trellis idea

You can also create a structure with the help of bamboo sticks. But here, you’ll need some twine to tie these together.

13. Wood, Metal, or Cement Pole Trellis

Wood Stake Trellis morning glory trellis

Grab an old wood stake or cement pole and let the Morning Glory grow with its help. Or, just let it cover the mailbox.

14. Heart Trellis for Morning Glory

Heart Trellis for Morning Glory

You can also use steel wire to make a hoop or a heart so the vine grows with its support. The heart shape will go perfectly with the heart-shaped leaves.

15. Morning Glory Chicken Wire Trellis

Morning Glory Chicken Wire Trellis

Use metal pipes and chicken wire to create a tall fence. You can also plant multiple varieties for a colorful display.

16. Repurpose a Door

Repurpose a Door morning glory trellis

If you’ve got an old door lying around the house, you can use it as a Morning Glory support. It will add a rustic appeal as well.

17. Copper Pipe Trellis

Copper Pipe Trellis

Why not create a trellis structure using copper pipes? It will look amazing and give off a metallic sheen.

18. Chicken Wire and Wood Trellis

Chicken Wire and Wood Trellis for morning glory trellis

Fix some wood stakes in the ground as pillars and use chicken wire to create a fence. Your vine will soon sprawl over it.

19. Use a Moss Pole

Use a Moss Pole trellis

See how there’s nothing out of the blue in this one? It’s a moss pole support. Here’s how to make and use them.

20. Metal Arch Trellis

Metal Arch Trellis for morning glory

Steel wire can be used in a ton of ways, like this metal arch to support Morning Glory flowers.

21. Morning Glory Arbor Support

Morning Glory Arbor Support Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

Why not go with a little bit of style and get an arbor for the garden? It’s the perfect support for Morning Glory!

22. Grow it on the Woodshed

Morning Glory Trellis Ideas Grow it on the Woodshed

The side walls of a woodshed will give a perfect opportunity and space to this climber! It will soon fill the entire area with blooms!

23. Pergola as a Trellis

Pergola as a Trellis Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

Have an outdoor patio where you love to sit? Add a pergola to it and use its pillars to support your Morning Glories.

24. Morning Glory Wall Idea

Morning Glory Wall Idea

You can also go for a clean look by using wall hooks and tying the vines up with twine for support.

25. Nylon Wire Mesh

Nylon Wire Mesh Morning Glory Trellis Ideas

Wire mesh is also available in nylon if you don’t want steel wire. And if the vine grows taller, you can always use the windows.

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