How to Grow Spider Plant as a Tree

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Imagine a spider plant – you don’t see it thriving as a tree, right? What if it can be trained to grow as one? Let’s find out!

How to Grow Spider Plant as a Tree

Growing a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) as a tree can be a creative gardening project – something you can flaunt to your friends once done! Let us share some innovative techniques to make it possible!

How to Grow Spider Plant as a Tree

Spider Plant as a Tree in garden

Well, growing spider plant as a tree is not possible – however, you can have plants that look like them to confuse people!

(1). Dracaena reflexa (Song of India) is one worthy contender! Why, you may ask? Well, just look at its leaves and you’ll be surprised to notice the similarities in both!

(2). Pandanus-baptistii (See the picture above? It confused you, right? Like that, it can make anyone scratch their heads!).

(3) Yucca and (4) Ponytail palm are also good options that can make people think you have grown a tree out of a spider plant.

Prune these plants to achieve a top heavy look, which will make them look more realistic!

Some Methods You Can Use to Make Spider Plant Appear As a Tree

Before you move ahead, understand that these plants don’t have a central thick stem, which takes away the possibility to give it a proper tree like appearance. However, there are some tricks you can use!

1. Let it Trail on a Slender Plant Stand

Spider Plant as a Tree 2

Over time, spider plants can grow long slender leaves that can achieve lengths of upto 3 feet or even more.

By keeping the plant’s pot on a slender stand or a stool, you can make it appear taller, as the leaves will dangle down from a height, projecting the plant as a ‘tall’ specimen.

2. Do Not Snip Away the Spiderettes

Spiderettes are baby plants that grow on the end of stolons (slender stems), which extend from the parent specimen. They can grow to lengths of upto 2-3 feet (If you have kept the plant on a high surface, they will dangle down by the same length), which can help the spider plant to appear taller and fuller (like a tree), especially if it is kept on a height!

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