Using Monstera for Room Partition: 20 Crazy Ideas!

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Being big and bold, Using Monstera for Room Partition is something no one had ever thought of. Check out crazy ideas below!

Monstera, with its large and distinctive leaves, offers a unique twist to traditional room dividers. Consider placing this big foliage plant in contemporary containers and arranging them strategically after taking inspiration from these ideas.

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Using Monstera for Room Partition: Crazy Ideas

1. Tall Monstera in Pots

Monstera for Room Partition 1

Put a Monstera pot in any room; its tall, towering foliage will create a bifurcation. You won’t need anything else.

2. Monstera on a Plant Stand

A Monstera plant stand idea like this can be used to separate your workspace, reading nook, or smaller area within the room easily.

3. Monstera Stand Near the Couch

Monstera for Room Partition 3

This Monstera on a plant stand is separating the living room couches in style.

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4. All Eyes on a Monstera

A houseplant like a monstera can make any partition look interesting.

5. Monstera Room Partition

Monstera for Room Partition 5

Get jungle vibes as well as divide the room by placing a big lush monstera on a plant stand.

6. Round Table as Monstera Stand

Monsteras look amazing on tabletops. You can use a small table like this to add foliage interest to the corridor and divide the rooms. Perhaps the dining and kitchen.

7. Monstera Near Staircase Landing

Monstera for Room Partition 7

A tall Monstera can help you divide the large spaces easily and keep away prying eyes from the upper floor.

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8. Tall Monstera in the Corner

You can divide any room with a Monstera plant. Try to do this with other foliage so you can separate the indoor garden from the living space.

9. In a Pot and Saucer Near the Television

Monstera for Room Partition 9

This pot and saucer combo is perfect for growing Monstera and dividing the living room from the kitchen.

10. Lush Monstera Near the Staircase

A lush Monstera near the staircase can hide it well, divide the room, and add a tropical hint while doing it.

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11. Mobile Plant Stand for Large Windows

Monstera for Room Partition 11

A mobile plant stand is perfect for Monstera in offices and homes. You can move it easily and divide rooms or cubicles.

12. Perfect Plant Room Divider

Buy yourself a plant room divider like this, or use an Ikea cloth rack for this purpose.

13. Using Monstera for a Private Sitting

Monstera for Room Partition 13

Divide your room with a Monstera partition to get a private little sitting such as this so you can study, read, or work in peace.

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14. Countertop Monstera Space Divider

This countertop Monstera pot is the perfect partition if you have a small wall dividing open spaces in your home.

15. Large Terra Cotta Pot in Hallway

Monstera for Room Partition 15

An open archway between rooms or the corridor can be divided using a Monstera partition idea like this one.

16. Monstera Near the Corridor

Multiple entrances to the room can be blocked using this type of large Monstera pot.

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17. Monstera Green Space

Monstera for Room Partition 17

Go with Monstera plants in your room to divide the space so no one can disturb you when you work.

18. Monstera Plant Divider

Monstera doing its job to separate the living space.

19. Monstera with Trellis for the Closet

Monstera for Room Partition 19

Take a plant stand and grow a Monstera on it with a trellis. As the Monstera grows, it will become a room partition to separate the bedroom from the closet.

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20. Monstera Living Room Divider

You can even hang a monstera like this to create an illusion of division.

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