21 Stylish Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas

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Do you need some privacy in your open concept apartment or workplace? Here are some Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas you can use!

Plants are nature’s best solution to break up a big space to create a privacy screen while giving you fresh air to breathe. Here are some outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas to transform your home!

Here are the best plant pictures for vintage style decor inspiration

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas

1. Tall Stand with Potted Plants

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas

This tall stand provides a privacy screen with lush potted plants.

2. Movable Plant Stand with Rollers


You can easily move this plant stand from one place to another, where you need more privacy!

3. Plant Wall

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 2

Grow real plants or display fake ones in a long white planter.

4. Wire Metal Planter


This wired planter can be bolted to the wall to create a green screen with trailing and climbing plants.

5. Plant Room Divider

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 3

A metal frame to provide support to climbing plants like pothos works as a great natural green divider!

6. Minimalistic Room Divider


The straight thin metal pipes can be used to hang pots with plants of your choice.

7. A Long Plant Wall

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 4

A long wall with several hanging pots creates a wonderful privacy screen in a home or office.

8. Hanging Plant Shelves


These wooden planks suspended from the ceiling provide ample space to fit pots and create a perfect green privacy screen.

Have a look at the impressive pictures of hanging ceiling plants from Instagram here

9. Hanging Pipe Garden

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 5

Grow plants in a hanging pipe garden and create a wonderful-looking green screen!

10. Wooden Wall Partition with In-Built Pots


The in-built pots in this wooden room divider can be used to grow indoor plants with ease.

11. Simple Plant Wall

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 6

A simple green wall made using planks of wood is a great way to display plants.

12. IKEA Plant Shelf


A tall shelf from IKEA is all you need to create a dense plant wall!

13. Slatted Dividers

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 7

The straight plastic pipes act as good support for climbing plants to thrive easily indoors.

14. Wooden Cabinet Divider


A wooden cabinet serves two purposes – Storing things and displaying plants while creating a screen!

15. Wooden Divider with Sections

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 8

This wooden divider with sections can be used to store books and display plants.

16. Metal Frame with Light Bulbs

This minimalistic metal frame has enough room to showcase plant containers. The bulbs add to the overall look.

17. Tin Can Divider

Outstanding Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas 9

Hang several tin cans on a metal frame inside a room to create an excellent plant screen!

18. IKEA IVAR Room Divider


This ready-made room divider from IKEA saves space, lets you store things and display plants!

19. Smart Plant Holders


This designer stand is perfect for growing snake plants and aloe along with the other ones.

20. Vertical Plant Stand


You can grow ferns with other trailing plants to have a smart-looking green divider in your room or office.

21. Refreshing Houseplant Room Divider


You just need a clothes rail and some of the best trailing indoor plants to complete this easy-peasy project. The DIY tutorial is here!

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