17 Clever Ideas to Make Money from Gardening

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How cool would it be to earn while doing your favorite chores in the garden? If this excites you, learn these Ideas to Make Money from Gardening!

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening

Why not earn some bucks while pursuing your favorite hobby? If you are someone who’s wondering the same, we’ve brought you the best Ideas to Make Money from Gardening!

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Ideas to Make Money from Gardening

1. Gardening Service Center


If you have a sound knowledge of the various plants and their growing traits and are skilled at mowing, pruning, and weeding, then you can open up this business.

You can also employ people with similar interests in providing gardening services as a team to those with big lawns and event studios.

How to Start:

  • Market your services on various websites and social media and spread the word.
  • Collaborate with gardening websites.

2. Landscaping Expert

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 2
shutterstock/Virrage Images

As a landscaping expert, you can sell your creative DIY ideas and garden design suggestions to make money.

  • Try creative landscaping in your garden and showcase the art on your social handles.
  • Give free garden design suggestions to your friends or relatives to promote your work.

3. Teach Gardening

shutterstock/Yulia Grigoryeva

Reach out to amateur gardeners who are looking for experts. Collab with prominent gardening websites and post about it on Craiglist and similar platforms.

How to Start:

  • Share videos that deal with common gardening challenges on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram to build credibility. Brand endorsements are another option after a stable follower base.
  • Join gardening groups and communities on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Quora; engage with other gardeners and try to solve their problems.

4. Write on Gardening

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 8

One of the easiest ways to make money from gardening is blogging about your experiences. Alternatively, you can pitch to websites and newspapers as a freelance gardening writer. You can also write a book on gardening and sell it.

You can also self-publish kindles or paperbacks after an extensive hold on the subject.

How to Start:

  • Start and monetize a blog on WordPress or try Medium to share informative gardening content.
  • Share links with potential websites to pitch them.
  • Build your profile on Upwork and Fiverr to write for other gardening sites.
  • You can also write a guest post and get a chance to get published on our website. Brainstorm a unique post idea and share it on our editor’s email “talk@balconygardenweb.com.”

5. Sell Seeds and Microgreens


Collect seeds of home-grown seasonal veggies and flowers, and wrap them in small packets and sell them online or to your close neighbors and friends. You can do the same with microgreens as well.

How to Start:

  • List your products to local gardening groups and communities. Share the full-grown plant pictures to add credibility to your products.
  • Look out for e-commerce websites such as Amazon to reach a wider audience.

6. Gardening Photographer

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 10

Combine your love for plants and photography to make a full-time career as a garden photographer. Sell your pictures on stock image sites such as Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

How to Start:

  • Click and upload pictures of your plants, flowers, pots, and other appealing things in the garden on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to showcase your art.
  • Share the relevant links with gardening websites to collaborate on significant projects.

7. Sell Mushrooms


Mushrooms can be grown in large quantities that too in small spaces. You can grow this annual food and make money all year round. Learn about growing magic mushrooms here.

How to Start:

  • Start with small quantities, click pictures, and share across the web along with pricing details.
  • Make a deal with local vegetable vendors to ensure a season-long demand.

8. Open a Mini-Nursery

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 11
shutterstock/Cheng Wei

This idea can be challenging as it needs extensive experience and practical business knowledge. But it’s never too late to learn something new! Consider selling seeds, saplings, young plants, and organic manure if you have a pretty space in the backyard.

How to Start:

  • Start seed-saving and producing more saplings to get a stock of nursery items. Contact local gardeners and ask them to promote your nursery.
  • You can also share free products initially with prominent gardeners in the town to market your services.

9. Start a Youtube Channel

Shutterstock/Dipu Thakuria

Record videos of the daily gardening challenges and their solutions to resonate with your audience worldwide. Also, share educative videos of growing rare plants and flowers to stand out. This will create a global presence besides aiding your finances.

How to Start:

  • Start a youtube channel and begin with short informative videos to increase viewership.
  • Collaborate with other creators to promote your channel and bag sponsorships.

10. Sell Plants on Amazon

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 55

Selling homegrown plants on Amazon can be a profitable option. This way, you can pursue your love for gardening while earning from it!

How to Start:

  • Click pictures of manicured healthy plants and list them on Amazon.
  • Ask friends and relatives to buy your plants on-site and share positive reviews with pictures to rank your plants on the search engine and Amazon.
  • You can also start your own eCommerce website.

11. Houseplant and Succulent Business


Start a houseplant and succulent business right from your home. Succulents need minimal care and are very easy to propagate from leaves and pups. You can also earn a lot by selling the rare varieties!

How to Start:

  • Propagate houseplants and succulents in large quantities, and share pictures across all social media handle to escalate your business.
  • You can also sell them offline if you have decent space in your yard.

12. Make Macrame Holders and DIY Goods

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 66

Craft macrame plant holders, hangers, designer pots, DIY garden lanterns, pot covers, and other cool gardening stuff to make money. Combine homegrown potted plants along with macrame holders to increase sale options. For inspiration and new ideas, check out Pinterest and Etsy.

How to Start:

  • Create an online presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your art worldwide. Share aesthetic pictures, behind-the-scenes videos, and everything that brings eyeballs to your products.
  • Hop on to the latest trends adhering to your project to drive crazy sales of your stuff.
  • Build a personalized website with your product listings after a steady business cycle.

13. Make Garden Furniture

Shutterstock/Gleb Usovich

If you are skilled at wood working and carving, try your hands on making cool and creative garden furniture. Try yard benches, vertical planters, ladders, tea tables, chairs, and a lot more. It is one of the best Ideas to Make Money from Gardening!

How to Start:

  • Contact local furniture stores and get your products listed there.
  • If you’re a netizen, try selling your products online on Amazon and Flipkart or create your personal brand digitally.

14. Open a Plant Store

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 77

Propagate annuals, houseplants, cacti, and succulents. Start seeds to grow newer non-patented varieties, and sell them. Open a plant store in your garden where visitors can move around and pick up the desired ones.

How to Start:

  • Spread the word about your plant store to fellow gardeners. Invite them for a visit to come along and explore your collection.
  • Give away free growing guides and personal tips for an additional attraction.

15. Become an Interior Designer with an Expertise in Indoor Gardening

123rf/ bialasiewicz

If you have a passion for gardening and designing, getting certified in indoor gardening and interior plantscaper are the best options to earn from it.

How to Start?

  • Get certified and look for jobs that adhere to your skillset.
  • You can also build an online presence to ensure a pipeline of inbound clients. Share the final looks and testimonials of clients to build authority.
  • Network with beginner gardeners online and offline to market yourself as an expert.
  • Open a YouTube channel about it.

16. Sell Organic Vegetables and Herbs

Ideas to Make Money from Gardening 88

Organic vegetables have always been in demand for their health benefits. There are many vegetables that you can easily grow and harvest heavily without using chemicals. You can even do this on a small front yard or rooftop.

  • Educate your neighbors, friends, and relatives about your new business.
  • You can also market your services online.
  • Even if you don’t make a good sale, you’ll always have a homegrown harvest for your family! So, it’s a win-win situation!
  • It is one of the best Ideas to Make Money from Gardening!

17. Make Vermicompost and Manure

If you have a big garden or a backyard, then making compost, vermicompost, organic fertilizers, and aged manure makes a lot of sense. Producing them in a large quantity can be a great source of income as you can sell them to your friends, online, or to the local gardening shops.

We have a great article on how to make compost here

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