Make Money from Gardening: 7 ideas

The happiest persons in the world are those who make living from their hobbies and passion. If gardening is your hobby and you love devoting time in the garden— doing chores, getting muddy, digging and decorating your garden is what you find most interesting than why not earn money from it.

*You can’t become rich but generate a good income from any of our money-making ideas.

Gardening Service Center

If you know how to get rid of weeds, pests, mowing, pruning and all other essential gardening stuffs then opening a garden service center is a good idea. Many gardeners don’t have time to maintain their gardens. Search around, ask your neighbors, and use websites like fiverr, craigslist and post on social networks to promote your gardening services.

integrated pest management program

*Hire someone to help you if you can’t do it alone

Landscaping Expert

If you are good in designing and choose fabulous color combinations if you know a lot of creative DIY ideas and other gardeners look at you for suggestions on garden design then become a garden design expert. Ask your friends to give you a chance and then promote your work.


*Learn Autocad, it helps in designing.

Teach Gardening

If you believe, you have a good knowledge of gardening and you can teach it to beginners— become a gardening teacher. Find amateurs, who want to learn it, make a short course and approach them.

Teach Gardening to earn money

*Join gardening groups and communities on Facebook and Google+ to find them.

Write on Gardening

Can you write well? If yes then write a gardening book. If you don’t find publishers, self-publish it on Amazon. They’ll sell your book on kindle and you’ll get royalty. Become a columnist or article writer. Lot of websites, newspapers and content mills constantly search home & gardening writers.

garden writer

*You can also start to write your blog.

Gardening Photographer

If you can click beautiful pictures related to gardening, flowers, shrubs, pots or anything then approach gardening websites, they’ll buy your pictures or upload your photos to stock images sites like shutterstock and dreamstime.

become a photographer

*Learn Photoshop, every photographer should know it.

Open a Nursery

This idea needs investment, a piece of land and lot of knowledge not only in gardening but in business too. If you don’t have a place to open it, make a small nursery or garden center in your yard and ask locally if they buy plants from you.

Open a Nursery to earn money

*Once you open it, do lot of networking, connect with local gardeners through social network.

Selling crops

Veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit, you can sell whatever you grow in farmer’s market or nearby you, if you can’t harvest that much then grow veggies at least for your use, from that you’ll be saving money by not buying from stores.

Earn Money by Selling crops

*You can sell seeds and seedlings, too. e-Stores like eBay and Amazon are good for it.


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