7 Effective Weeding Tips for a Weed Free Garden

Weeding a garden is always a laborious chore for every gardener, more intimidating for those who’ve short summers. Making long patches weed-free is cumbersome but applying these weeding tips can surely mollify your headache or “weed-ache.”


1. Weed when it’s wet. Weeding after the rain or water your garden before doing it. This makes the soil moist and you’ll be able to pull ou the roots of these pesky plants easily.

2. Never let the weed mature, unless it’ll fix its roots and spill its seeds. Pull up the plant with root ball and If you don’t find time for weeding, chop the plants and pluck the flowers.

3. Easy labor free weeding trick is to cover the weeds with plastic, rug or mat for two to four weeks, much better if it’s of black color. This will do two things: Either the plants will die of darkness (no sun) or from heat.

4. Instead of weeding whole day and suffering from back pain for the next week, weed your garden every other day for five to ten minutes. Roaming through walkways and pulling weeds when you see is a good idea.

5. It is always hard to pluck out the weeds growing in the cracks in pavements and walkways. To kill, pour boiling water over them.

6. As seeds of weeds remain dormant under the garden soil, be careful when you dig up a spot. Don’t overturn your soil too much unless you should.

7. If you’re unable to kill tough weeds, a simple solution is to give them a dose of vinegar; it works as a weed killer. Read how to get rid of weeds, using vinegar.

Weed Control Tips

1. While planting a garden bed make sure not to leave too much space between plants. Tight garden beds restrict weeds.

2. Do mulching as much you can, Mulching retains moisture and doesn’t let weeds thrive in your garden. Newspapers, scrapped leaves, and compost can be used. For better mulching, spread newspaper over the ground and cover it up with the 2-inch layer of compost and leaves.

3. Don’t throw weeds in a compost pile, unless you can provide temperature over 120F, which is required to kill weed seeds.

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Making long patches weed free is cumbersome but applying these weeding tips can surely mollify your headache or "weed-ache".


  1. Thanks for the tips on eliminating weeds. I want to improve the look of my lawn so I can be proud of it, but weeds are always a problem. Thanks for mentioning that wet weeds come out easier. I will keep that in mind.

  2. It’s awesome that you talked about making sure weeds never mature and makes seeds. My younger sister is looking to hire a weed control service to keep her garden looking good. I’ll be sure to talk to her about hiring before weeds mature.

  3. I really liked your idea about weeding the garden every other day for five to ten minutes to prevent any back pain. I never really thought to do this and I have back pain a lot because I always weed on Saturdays. I will be sure to try this out for my garden, but I think that I’ll hire someone to take care of our weeding for the rest of our lawn.

  4. It’s interesting to know that a great tip to get rid of weed in your garden is to cover it with plastic for a couple of weeks. My husband and I are thinking about starting a garden project, and we are looking for advice about how to get rid of the weed. I will let him read your article to help him understand how to get rid of that problem to make our garden look beautiful.


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