4 Beautiful July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

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Here are the July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings to help you with the perfect gift for people born in that month!

Symbolic of the birth month, birth flowers are celebratory blooms with special meanings. Learn about these July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings to know what are the birth month flowers for July and what these blossoms stand for.

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What is July’s Birth Flower?

Wondering – What is July’s Birth Flower? Well, there is not one specific flower for the month of July, but there are actually 4! Let’s have a look at them in detail below!

July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

1. Water Lily

July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Botanical Name: Nymphaeaceae

Water Lilies are either tropical, with large and fragrant blooms that are both day and night blooming, or hardy, which are day blooming and only bear half as many flowers as their tropical counterparts.

Water lilies are brilliant blooms in yellow, pink, pastel orange, red, and white. This flower is one of the July Birth Flowers. 

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Water Lily: July Birth Flower Meaning

The Water Lily has beautiful flowers that only bloom for 3-4 days before submerging, making this July Birth Flower a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment since these open and close each day. These are lovely additions to ponds and are rarely used in bouquets.

Water lilies are primarily found in white and represent purity and innocence. If you want to know – What is July’s Birth Flower, then this one surely takes the spot in that month!

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2. Larkspur


Botanical Name: Delphinium

With gorgeous blooms of blue that can grow up to 6 feet in height, Larkspurs are also a July Birth Flower.

Also known as Delphinium, a name given to the flower by Greeks as its flower bud resembles a dolphin, this July Birth Month Flower has a special meaning.

Larkspurs can be found in pink, lavender, yellow, red, white, light blue, and dual-hued blooms, but the July Birth Flower looks best in blue.

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Larkspur: July Birth Flower Meaning

Associated with a strong bond of love, dignity, and grace, the Delphinium is cherished worldwide as the July Birth Flower and is regarded as the perfect gift for those born in this month.

Delphinium symbolizes goodwill and cheerfulness, bringing joy and encouragement to loved ones.

Note: This beauty is also poisonous and should be handled with care. Touching the plant will only cause irritation, but consumption of Larkspur is fatal to humans and animals.

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3. Balsamine

July Birth Flowers and Their Meanings Balsamine

Botanical Name: Impatiens balsamina

Garden or Impatiens Balsamina produces showy blooms in red, purple, and pink shades. This annual herb has elliptic-lance-shaped leaves and serrated margins and can grow up to 2-3 feet tall.

This flower has been used in cosmetics and medicines and is best for painting fingernails.

Balsamine: July Birth Flower Meaning

According to Chinese Mythology, this flower is believed to be the Flower of Energy and the incarnation of Phenix. It is one of the most powerful and beautiful mythical animals in Chinese Mythology.

The Balsamine flower represents attractiveness, energy, and beauty.

4. Lotus


Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Lotus is an aquatic perennial and is often mistaken for Water-Lily. It is usually found in white or pink color and is often found in ponds or rivers with the leaves floating on the water’s surface.

Lotus: July Birth Flower Meaning

According to the Buddhist calendar, the Lotus flower represents purity and patience. This flower holds a deep spiritual meaning for its wearer.

Lotus offers hope that even something beautiful can thrive from deep suffering.

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What You Can Do With July Birth Flowers

1. Water Lily

The Water Lily, a July birth flower, extends beyond its symbolic significance. Functionally, it acts as a natural filter in ponds, contributing to water clarity by absorbing pollutants and providing a habitat for aquatic life.

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2. Larkspur

Larkspur, with its tall spikes of flowers, holds practical value as a cut flower. Ideal for floral arrangements, its vibrant blooms make it a popular choice in bouquets, adding a touch of natural elegance to various settings.

3. Balsamine (Impatiens)

Balsamine, also known as Impatiens, is a versatile July birth flower that thrives in shaded areas. Beyond its ornamental value, it serves a practical purpose as a colorful ground cover, providing a lush and low-maintenance option for shaded garden spaces.

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4. Lotus

Beyond its cultural symbolism, the Lotus, a July birth flower, holds practical significance in herbal remedies. Various parts of the Lotus plant are utilized in traditional medicine, contributing to its historical and functional importance in botanical applications.

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Pro Tip: You can also use July Birth flowers in the tattoo art.

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