Best Happy Birthday Flowers According to Months

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Choose Best Happy Birthday Flowers for your loved ones from the list given below and create a fragrant memory with every celebration!

When it comes to select a perfect, thoughtful birthday present for your loved one, nothing can beat the fresh and fragrant beauty of gorgeous flowers packed in a bouquet. The idea to offer flowers as a gift never gets old. To make it easy for you, here’s an article featuring the Best Happy Birthday Flowers for a gorgeous present!

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List of Best Happy Birthday Flowers

1. Best Birthday Flowers for January

Best Happy Birthday Flowers

Carnations make for great birthday flowers for people who have a birthday in the month of January. It signifies admiration, love, hope, and rebirth. You can also go for Snowdrop flowers as they also symbolize hope and rebirth. Both of them make for a colorful bouquet!

2. Best Birthday Flowers for February

If the birthday of your loved one is coming in Valentine’s month, then you can add Violet
Primrose in the bouquet. It signifies modesty, faithfulness, and young love. Also include Iris, as it is popular as the birth flower of February, representing faith, hope, and wisdom.

3. Best Birthday Flowers for March

Best Happy Birthday Flowers 2

The birth flower of March is the trumpet-shaped Daffodils. It symbolizes new beginnings and prosperity. Varieties like ‘Tete-a-Tete’ and ‘February Gold’ can be picked the soonest.

Bonus: You can also go for beautiful Tulips, Grape Hyacinth, Snowdrops, Scabios, and Iris.

4. Best Birthday Flowers for April

Daisy and Sweet pea flowers are birth flowers of April month. Both of the spring flowers feature an exquisite and delicate look and symbolize purity, innocence, and blissful pleasure. Besides that, sweet pea flowers with their elegant, rich colored petals symbolize gratitude and pleasure.

Bonus: During spring, Bird of paradise has a profusion of bright, orange-blue flowers. It can also be used in the birthday floral arrangement it symbolizes joy and freedom.

5. Best Birthday Flowers for May

Best Happy Birthday Flowers 3

Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are the perfect pick for the May month. The represent sweetness, motherhood, love, protection, and hope. It is believed that when lily of the valley blooms, happiness returns. They both make for a nice floral bouquet for a birthday occasion

Bonus: If you live in a tropical climate, you can also go for Polyanthus lily. The showy, strongly fragrant cluster of white flowers is truly divine and mesmerizing. It is a symbol of love and passion.

6. Best Birthday Flowers for June

For June you have the most beautiful and fragrant option! The birth flower of the month is Rose and honeysuckle that symbolizes purity, new beginnings, and innocence. Red rose denotes love and affection and pink rose denotes happiness.

Bonus: For tropical climates, include flamingo lily and Blue Passion Flower in the bouquet! 

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7. Best Birthday Flowers for July

Best Happy Birthday Flowers 4

Waterlily and larkspur are perfect happy birthday flowers for July borns. They both signify positivity, dignity, and purity. The vibrant colors, especially blue, looks fantastic and luscious when coupled with ruby-red roses, gladiolus, snapdragons, or gerbera daisies.

Bonus: Ficus and Pink Cosmos can be a great addition for tropical climates.

8. Best Birthday Flowers for August

Convey birthday wishes in August with a head-turner gladiolus and poppy flowers that represent the strength of character. Pick red or yellow poppy flowers that signify happiness and prosperity. ‘Sword Lily’ with pointed leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers, when offered as a gift, symbolizes love, honor, and strength.

9. Best Birthday Flowers for September

Best Happy Birthday Flowers 5

Aster and Morning Glory flowers are a perfect choice for September birthdays. They symbolize love, affection, unrequited love, and mortality. You can opt white aster that denotes new beginnings and purity, pink that signifies kindness and love, yellow imply optimism, and blue symbolizes calmness and stability.

Bonus: You can also go for gerbera daisy. It has a long flowering season, from early spring to fall. It symbolizes cheerfulness and stands for purity and innocence.

10. Best Birthday Flowers for October

October comes with Marigold and Cosmos. They signify creativity, passion, peace, and tranquility. Make a bouquet with golden flowers with a spicy scent that represents a stubborn determination to succeed. Cosmos flowers also make a beautiful birthday bouquet with lacy leaves and tight buds.

Bonus: Heliconia, Plumeria, and Jasmine are some of the best tropical flowers you can include!

11. Best Birthday Flowers for November

Best Happy Birthday Flowers 6

Celebrate a November birthday with a bouquet of lovely chrysanthemums, which represents loyalty and honesty. While making a bouquet with chrysanthemum, you will have a variety of color options with their own significance. It is also believed it brings joy and good fortune into the home.

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12. Best Birthday Flowers for December


For the birthday celebrations in the month of Christmas, you have Holly and Narcissus. Holly is synonymous with Christmas and a suitable pick to cherish December’s birthday. It symbolizes fertility and a lucky charm to avert ill-fortune and witches.

Narcissus flowers can tempt the recipient with their sheer beauty and captivating look in floral arrangements. They stand for respect, sweetness, modesty, and faithfulness.

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