22 Stunning Types of Cast Iron Plant Pictures

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Aspidistra Elatior will truly amaze you with its leaves! Have a look at the best Types of Cast Iron Plant Pictures here!

The deep green arching leaves of Aspidistra elatior complement all types of decor with their gloss. Check out the best Types of Cast Iron Plant Pictures and get inspired to grow one in your home!

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Best Types of Cast Iron Plant Varieties

1. In a Stubby Stool Planter

Types of Cast Iron Plant 1

Showcase the plant over a tabletop by keeping it on a small stand. Pick a monochrome pot, as it will make Cast Iron Plant colors pop!

2. This Milky Way Variety


The beautiful spots of white and yellow on the green foliage make this variety stand out.

3. Striped Cast Iron Plant

Types of Cast Iron Plant 3

Look at the yellow stripes adorning the green leaves of this one, making it selection a top pick for Cast Iron Plant colors.

4. As an Entry Way Pot Plant


Huge planters are the best to keep in an entryway of the house. And the foliage of the Cast Iron plant is perfect for these.

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5. In Its Green Glory!

Types of Cast Iron Plant 5

Don’t overthink it. Just plant it in a simple pot and adorn any corner of your home or garden.

6. As a Tabletop Decor


The best way to make sure that your Cast Iron plant stands out is to use it as a tabletop decor.

7. Aspidistra elatior Okame

Types of Cast Iron Plant 7

You can also pick variegated Cast Iron plants like the Aspidistra elatior Okame. It has yellow brush-stroke patterns on the leaves.

8. Cast Iron Plant Between Couches


Let the plant match with the theme of the house and keep it in your sitting space.

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9. As a Trio

Types of Cast Iron Plant 9

Pick a place and add three of these beauties. You can keep them green or mix and match them for a variegated display.

10. Striped Cast Iron Plant in a Pot


Striped patterns on the foliage make the plant look stunning! Add to the appeal with a good pot for it.

11. Milky Way Cast Iron Plant

Types of Cast Iron Plant 11

The small dots of white on the foliage take it to the next level. What a beauty!

12. In the Living Room

Display your Cast Iron plant in the living room for a tropical touch. Maybe plant more than one.

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13. Tabletop Display with Candles

Types of Cast Iron Plant 13

This is one of the best options for a small space. A tabletop Cast Iron plant with lovely candles.

14. Flecks on the Foliage


Need something for the corridor? Perhaps the corner? Go for this Cast Iron plant on a stand.

15. On the Windowsill

Types of Cast Iron Plant 15

Variegated Cast Iron Plant colors showcase their true beauty when you keep them near windows.

16. Beautiful Pot Display

Stunning, simple, and pretty are the words for this Cast Iron pot display.

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17. In Bright Light

Types of Cast Iron Plant 17

You can never go wrong with a duo of Cast Iron plants shining in a place with bright light!

18. In a Pot and Saucer Combo

Kara Riley

A pot and saucer combo adds a unique elegance to the plant. This will look great anywhere in the house.

19. Right Below a Light

Types of Cast Iron Plant 19

The dark green will appear darker and also cast the plant’s shadow if you keep it directly below a light.

20. In the Corner


The Cast Iron plant colors make it a great option for corners! Both indoors and outdoors.

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21. In the Living Room

Types of Cast Iron Plant 21

Put it in the living room near the couch and dresser and watch its leaves shine.

22. On a Stubby Plant Stand

Looking for something simple but sweet. This is what this combination is!

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