20 Miniature Water Lily Varieties for a Container Water Garden

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Check out the most beautiful Miniature Water Lily Varieties that you can grow in small ponds and containers for an aquatic garden!

If you don’t have a space for a full-fledged yard, you can still enjoy the beauty of a mini garden by growing these Miniature Water Lily Varieties in small aquatic containers!

Here’s all you need to know about growing Water Lily in glasses

Beautiful Miniature Water Lily Varieties

1. Nymphaea pygmaea ‘Helvola’

Miniature Water Lily Varieties

One of the most popular water lilies, it features yellow blooms and green leaves with dark markings. It is a great plant for small containers and does well in full sun.

2. Nymphaea ‘Laydekeri Lilacea’

This beautiful variety offers lilac-pink flowers that fade to white outer petals. It is easy to grow and looks quite cute.

3. Nymphaea ‘Paul Hariot’

Paul Hariot produces wide spiky flowers with a yellow hue and deepens to an orange-red shade with mottled green leaves.

4. Nymphaea ‘Aurora’


This dwarf water lily’s flower has a yellow tone that deepens to orange-red over days. Its green leaves are speckled with a maroon hue.

5. Nymphaea ‘Ellisiana’

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 3

Elllsiana water lily displays free-flowering, single, and fragrant red flowers with pointed petals at the end. It does best in full sun.

6. Nymphaea ‘Denver’

This water lily variety offers fragrant, pale orange double flowers from June to September. It is perfect for small shallow containers and thrives in sun.

7. Nymphaea Snow Princess

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 4

‘Snow Princess’ has pure white elegant flowers and blooms from May to September. Keep the plant well fertilized for abundant blooms.

8. Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Rubra’


This miniature water lily shows off wide pink blooms and dark green leaves that also attract bees and butterflies.

9. Nymphaea ‘Perry’s Baby Red’

‘Perry’s Baby Red’ has red double flowers with dark green to maroon leaves. The plant has a 1-2 feet spread, so you will have to grow it in a large container or small pond.

10. Nymphaea Indiana


The beautiful wide flowers have an apricot shade and deepen to orange/red over days. It has mottled green leaves that take a purple hue in full sun.

11. Nymphaea ‘Laydekeri Fulgens’

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 6

This dwarf lily offers red spiky wide flowers and green leaves. It is ideal for large containers and small ponds in sunny areas.

12. Nymphaea ‘Berit Strawn’

‘Berit Strawn’ features wide peach-pink flowers and deep green leaves with red mottling. It has a limited spread, which makes it perfect for water container gardening.

13. Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Alba’


This water lily features tiny white flowers that float on adjacent green pads. Keep the plant in full sun exposure for best growth.

14. Nymphaea ‘Hermine’


‘Hermine’ is another lovely white, star-shaped flowered variety with big blooms and small growth habit.

15. Nymphaea ‘Joanne Pring’

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 8

Joanne Pring is a beautiful dwarf pink variety with bronze-purple leaves patterned in deep purple splotches that turns green with maturity.

16. Nymphaea ‘Colorata’

The blue-purple flowers of this variety look amazing in shiny containers. It does best in full sun but can tolerate some shade too.

17. Nymphaea Minuta

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 9

This miniature species displays pale pink-white flowers with pale green leaves. You can grow it easily in a tub container.

18. Nymphaea ‘Yellow Thammanoon’

‘Yellow Thammanoon’ is a small free-flowering tropical water lily with slightly fragrant, light yellow, and semi-star shaped blooms.

19. Nymphaea ‘Josephine’

Miniature Water Lily Varieties 10

‘Josephine’ is a small white water lily with delicate cup-shaped flowers. The plant is a great choice for containers or small water gardens.

20. Nymphaea ‘Margaret Mary’


This small water lily features very fragrantly pale to rich blue-purple flowers and green pads. It is ideal for small ponds or containers.

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