Birth Month Flowers with Meanings

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Floriography can represent birthdays in each month of the year. Let’s have a look at Birth Month Flowers with Meanings!

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings

While we have more ways to communicate now and multiple unique gifting options for birthdays, the messages conveyed by Birth Month Flowers with Meanings could be as meaningful even today as ever.

Here are the best birthday flowers according to month

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings




Hope, Admiration, Rebirth
February Primrose Iris Faithfulness
Young love, Modesty
March Daffodil Prosperity, New beginnings
April Sweet Pea, Daisy Purity, Blissful pleasure, Innocence
May Hawthorn,

Lily of the valley

Hope, Sweetness
June Honeysuckle, Rose Happiness, Romance
July Water lily, Larkspur Dignity, Positivity, Purity
August Poppy, Gladiolus Imagination,

Strength of character

September Morning Glory,


Love, Affection, Mortality, Unrequited love
October Cosmos,


Creativity, Peace, Passion, Tranquility
November Chrysanthemum Honesty, Loyalty
December Holly,


Hope, Wealth, Protection,

What is Your Birth Flower?

Here are the Birth Month Flowers with Meanings for you to know!

1. January – Carnation and Snowdrop

Snowdrops and Carnations are January birth flowers. Interestingly, these two blooms are very few that survive in the winter and are perfect gifts for any January baby.

Significance: The colorful, ruffled carnations stand for love, devotion, loyalty, and perseverance. The white Snowdrops are a symbol of purity, innocence, and hope.

2. February – Iris and Primrose

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 2

Iris and Primrose are the Official Birth Month Flowers for February. The birthstone for February is amethyst, and it is understandable how violet is the color for February.

Significance: Iris represents courage, wisdom, hope, faith, and admiration, and the purple iris stands for compliments and wisdom. Also, a bouquet of blue iris brings faith and hope while primrose symbolizes young love, everlasting experience, and youth. 

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3. March – Daffodil and Jonquil

Jonquils and Daffodils are for March borns. March is the official time when spring begins, and these flowers seem to be perfect gifts to welcome it!

Significance: Daffodils and Jonquils are positive, life-affirming symbols that signify new beginnings. The strong and resilient yellow and white flowers represent hope and happiness for March babies. 

4. April – Daisy and Sweet Peas

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 3

Sweet peas and Daisies are the birth flowers for people born in April. Gift these both to babies and put a big, broad smile on their faces!

Significance: Sweet peas symbolizes blissful pleasure, thank you, and goodbye, making them perfect for farewell occasions. The humble daisy represents innocence, loyalty, and purity. It is also a symbol of motherhood, making it a lovely choice for new mothers.

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5. May – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley are the Official Birth Month Flowers for May. With their sweet fragrance and delicate blooms, both are favorites of many flower lovers.

Significance: Lily of the valley symbolizes humility, sweetness, and purity. The exclusive and rare blooms also stand for ‘returning to happiness.’ Hawthorn or May tree flowers are symbols of love and protection. 

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6. June – Rose and Honeysuckle

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 4

Honeysuckle and Rose are June birth flowers, and it could be a boasting factor that June borns have the most popular flower as their official birth blooms! Both are available in a wide range of colors.

Significance: Honeysuckle flowers are valued for their ability to bring happiness, sweetness, and affection. Roses symbolize true love, and the color decides the kind of love. For instance, the yellow roses symbolize friendship, while the red roses stand for romantic love. The ancient Romans and Greeks associated roses with passion and love.

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7. July – Delphinium and Water Lily

Delphinium and Water Lily are July’s birth flowers. Both the flowers are supposed to bring in the positivity that makes them the best gift to cheer anyone up.

Significance: Delphinium stands for goodwill and cheerfulness. This protective plant is also a symbol of joy, encouragement, and remembering loved ones. Water lilies represent purity, fertility, and innocence. The way the flowers bloom from the mud symbolizes rebirth and enlightenment.

8. August – Gladiolus, and Poppy

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 5

Gladiolus and Poppies are the Official Birth Month Flowers of August. The flowers are available in a rainbow of stunning shades and are famous in the summery months.

Significance: Gladiolus blooms represent generosity, moral integrity, and strength. The other August birth month flower, the poppy, represents recovery and relaxation. Additionally, poopies symbolize remembrance of World War I and hope. 

9. September – Aster and Morning Glory

Morning Glory and Asters are the Flowers of the Month for September. The asters are considered the ‘star’ of the show, and the bell-shaped morning glory is the official flower for September babies.

Significance: Aster represents wisdom, valor, faith, and love, while morning glory symbolizes affection, love, and the essence of life. 

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10. October – Marigold, and Cosmos

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 6

Marigolds and Cosmos are the Flowers of the month for October. With their stunning shades and mesmerizing scent, both are beautiful and befitting!

Significance: The strong orange flowers with spicy fragrances represent determination and strong will. The second Birthday Month Flower for October is Cosmos which stands for tranquility and peace. The beautiful blooms are connected with never-ending love, loyalty, and sincerity and are often associated with the second wedding anniversary. 

11. November – Chrysanthemum and African Violet

The Birthday Month Flowers for November are African Violet and Chrysanthemum. They come in various shades and bring good luck to homes.

No matter which one you gift to your loved one, they will be more than happy for sure! Chrysanthemum blooms were first grown in China in the fifteenth century that is known for their versatility.

Significance: Each color of the chrysanthemum represents different virtues and feelings. Usually, it stands for joy, happiness, and good luck. African violet symbolizes faithfulness, devotion, and commitment making it a great choice for any occasion, such as milestone events, special anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. 

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12. December – Holly and Narcissus

Birth Month Flowers with Meanings 7

Though Holly is not a flower, its red berries and dark green foliage are enough to scream Christmas aloud, making it the Flower of the Month.

Holly and Narcissus are perfect to be a part of the bouquets for anyone celebrating their birthday in the festive December!

Significance: Holly symbolizes life for centuries with its evergreen leaves, and a wreath stands for faithful love and friendship. The narcissus represents rebirth, rejuvenation, faithfulness, and new beginnings.

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