16 Easy Indoor Microgreen Garden Ideas

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Here are some easy-to-make Indoor Microgreen Garden Ideas that will help you to grow these tasty and nutritious sprouts all year round!

If you are health conscious and want to grow healthy greens, then check out these Indoor Microgreen Garden Ideas to have a fresh and constant harvest!

Here’s everything you need to know about growing Microgreens

Indoor Microgreen Garden Ideas

The best things about growing microgreens is they take very little soil and as they have tiny roots, you can also grow them in any shallow container. 

1. Microgreens in a Pot


A small pot by a sunny window is all you need to grow microgreens. Add a bit of growing medium and sow seeds!


2. Microgreen Garden in a Glass Bowl


The best thing about microgreens is you can grow them anywhere, inside a glass bowl, too! You just need some growing medium and microgreen seeds.

3. In Plastic Cups


Yes! Growing microgreens is so easy, that you can also grow them inside plastic cups! Fill the cups with growing medium and sow seeds.

4. Microgreens in Tin Cans


Put old tin cans to good use by growing microgreens in them!

5. In Floating Pots


Fix pots using suction cups on windows and grow microgreens in them. This way, the plants will get plenty of sunlight.

6. Indoor Food Garden


Have your own indoor food garden by growing microgreens in glass or plastic bowls.

7. Under Grow Lights


All you need is a pan and a tube of glow light to grow microgreens in a shaded room.

8. As a Centerpiece


You can also grow microgreens in small plastic containers inside a cement planter.

9. On the Kitchen Countertop


Microgreens take very little space, which means you can also easily grow them on a kitchen countertop.

10. In Tin Pails

You also have an option to grow different microgreens in shiny tin buckets!

11. Inside Eggshells!

shutterstock/ Esich Elena

Do not throw away eggshells as you can use them to grow microgreens easily.

12. Microgreens in a Vertical Growing Station


A smart vertical growing station like this is a wonderful way to save space while growing greens.

13. In a Hanging Plastic Tub


Hang a plastic tub on a glass window using suction cups and grow microgreens in them to make the best use of sunlight!

14. Mini Microgreen Garden


Have your own mini microgreen garden right by a kitchen window like this.

15. In Seed Starting Trays


Seed starting trays are perfect to grow microgreens. Here’s everything you need to successfully start your mini microgreens garden.

16. Mini Microgreen Station


Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide on how to grow microgreens indoors to add to salads, sandwiches, wraps, or smoothies.

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