32 Fun DIY Indoor Gardening Projects

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Read about 32 Fun DIY Indoor Gardening Projects and grow your favorite plants in a unique, artistic way like never before!

Don’t have much of a space in your urban apartment? Not a problem! These fun DIY Indoor Gardening Projects are the best way to bring a garden to your space, no matter how big or small!

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DIY Indoor Gardening Projects

1. Cute Fairy Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects

Create a little beautiful fairy garden, by filling a tray with succulents, a miniature home, and colorful pebbles. Get the full idea here.

2. Fun DIY Indoor Succulent Garden with Mini Lights

Arrange a mini garden using small pebbles, succulents, vintage camper, dog, and mini LED lights. Read the process in this blog for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

3. Kid-made Plant Markers

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects for your plants

Try this super easy to make idea by using supplies from your home. Mimic this garden project by following this tutorial.

4. Outdoor Herb Garden

Utilize the unused space below the window in your backyards, by growing herbs in hanging planters. Follow up here.

5. Hanging Coffee Can Herb Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects you can make

Try this unique idea to grow herb in a coffee! You can also adorn it with shiny glass beads as well!

6. Hanging Herb Garden

DIY this extraordinary swinging plant hanger by using wooden planks. Complete the look further by filling it with aromatic herbs in clay pots. Look here for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

7. Cup Garden

The best thing about this cup garden is you can easily grow cactus, succulent and wall plants, which require very low water and care.

8. Old Kettle Style Herb Garden

Tired of using terracotta pots and planter buckets? If yes, then you can have this unusual planter to grow fragrant herbs. Follow this article for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

9. Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 1

This super easy yet attractive mason jar planter idea to grow herb can be an eye-catcher near the kitchen window. Go through the tutorial here!

10. Miniature Terrarium Fairy Garden

Go creative and make this attractive and easy to maintain, mini fairy garden! Decorate this centerpiece with a spherical glass terrarium, succulents, and pebbles.

11. Indoor Bulb Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 2

Have fun and learning activity with your kids by creating this distinctively attractive indoor bulb garden. You can use a wide glass planter, shiny beads or pebbles, and bulbs.

12. DIY High Heel Planter

If you love to experiment with decorative items with trendy style, then this idea is a perfect pick for you to grow succulents!

13. DIY Egg Cup Planters

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 3

For creating this cute-looking planter, you don’t need to rush to the supermarket! Just step into your pantry and use the egg cups! Read this post for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

14. Little Egg Succulent Planter

Make this low cost, tiny, and delicate eggshell planters for growing mini succulents.

15. Simple Cacti Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 4

Add colors in your living room by growing, multiple small colorful succulents together, in a shallow vase. More info here on one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

16. Alphabetical Succulent Garden

Incorporate this design by growing various succulents in a wooden planter carved in alphabets.

17. Indoor Succulent Dish Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 5

This elegant indoor succulent dish garden idea is surely going to become a focal point of your interior! Imitate it with the help of this tutorial for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

18. Easy DIY Miniature Fairy Garden

Have a beautiful piece of decor by growing moss and willow twigs in a miniature fairy garden. Check out this DIY to make one for yourself in easy steps!

19. Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 6

For making these colorful planters, paint mason jars at the bottom with different colors. Check the blog for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

20. DIY Succulent Wall Planter

Frame your living succulents in an artistic way and give a fresh look to a boring looking wall. Learn the process in a step by step guide.

21. Fun Upcycled Planter Idea

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 7

Bored of using common pots and planters, then check out your kid’s toy box, and use a mini dumper truck to create a similar idea just like the image! Follow the tutorial here.

22. Fairy Garden Sphere

Make this fairy garden for your little girl by decorating it with colorful butterflies, mini wind chimes and tiny fairy dolls. Learn the steps here for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

23. DIY Indoor Herb Planter

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 8

Grow your favorite herbs together in this graceful wooden planter, by following this guide.

24. DIY Pallet Living Wall

Follow the latest trend with these vertical gardens or living wall ideas and have a green thumb in less space!

25. Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 9

You can make this two-tiered succulent garden using galvanized vent caps, aluminum tubes, threaded rods, and some other supplies for your table decor easily. Learn the process here for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

26. DIY Succulent Driftwood Planter

Make a rustic and artistic planter for small succulents with supplies like a plank of weathered wood, hot glue gun, paintbrush, and a spray bottle. Have a full idea here.

27. DIY Self-watering Garden Wall

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 10

If you are someone who loves plants but forgets to water them, then this DIY self-watering garden wall is going to come in handy!

28. Fairy Garden in a Tea Cup

Change your favorite teacup in a planter for growing small succulents, and create a miniature fairy garden by arranging stones, flowers, and mini pots as done in this post.

29. Fun Indoor Herb Garden Kits

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 11

Grow your favorite herbs in rustic-looking kits and get a fresh supply easily whenever you need them.

30. DIY Indoor Farmhouse Boxwood Wreath

Before leaving home, do you find it difficult to figure out where you have kept car keys or other important usables? Put them in style using the help from this DIY for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

31. Indoor Garden Shelf

DIY Indoor Gardening Projects 12

Design a shelf or cabinet to grow an indoor salad garden when the outdoor garden is on rest. Learn the procedure here for one of the best DIY indoor gardening projects!

32. DIY Easter Succulent Garden in Egg Carton

If you have decorated for easter then you must definitely be having an egg carton! Don’t throw it in a trash can and use it as a planter instead! Learn in easy steps here!

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