20 Spectacular Christmas Décor Ideas with Plants

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Create a green vibe this festive season with these charming Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants. It is perfect for both urban and country homes!

The festive season is around the corner and so is the time of the year when we all will be decorating our home again! To match it with the tree, we bring you some great Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants for that green and cheerful vibes!

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Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants

1. Candles and Wreath

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants

The beauty of the wreath will enhance tenfolds when lit by candles.

2. Fake Flowers with Christmas Decor

You can also include fake flowers in the decor for that maintenance-free charm.

3. The Magic of Poinsettia

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 2

The rich and vibrant shade of red poinsettia bracts will add a colorful charm indoors.

4. A White Christmas!

Image Source:-craftberrybush

The never-ending charm of white magic never goes out of style!

5. Small Wrapped Delights

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 3

Colorful and patterned plants, wrapped and grouped together look perfect with candles.

6. Trailing Greens over a Fireplace

Image Source:-instagram

You can use real plants or fake ones to decorate the fireplace to match the look of a Christmas tree.

7. Gleaming Lights on Greens

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 4

The arrangement of bulb of LED strings can make your houseplants shine!

8. Two’s Company

Group tow lush and dense houseplants together by the window for that festive green look.

9. The Glowing Star!

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 5

A hanging wreath with stars, a faux mini Christmas tree, and a miniature star on the table complete the festive look!

10. Subtle White Decoration

A fake white plant with miniature ones and a succulent is great for a side table decoration.

11. Mini Red and Green Potted Delight!

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 6

A small plant like poinsettia makes for a great addition to any table!

12. Little Hearts!

Add heart-shaped paper cutouts to your indoor plants with candles for that romantic look.

13. Indoor Plants with Miniature Metal Christmas Trees

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 7
Image Source:-coolgarden

You can create a festive look on the table with indoor plants, miniature metal Christmas trees, and flowers.

14. Plant Bubbles!

Image Source:-popsugar

Plant bubbles with stars and a golden candle stand make for awesome decor.

15. A Large Christmas Tree by Tall Windows


16. Christmas Flowers

Christmas is never complete without flowers and adding shades of white, yellow, and red complements the overall decor.

17. A Cosy Festive Bedroom

Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants 9
Image Source:-instagram

A pink themed bedroom with lots of decor is just perfect to spend that Christmas night!

18. The Royal Amaryllis

The tall stalks of amaryllis with beautiful red flowers is going to pair well with the Christmas tree decoration.

19. Hang a Glass Bowl of Flower

Image Source: stijlvolstyling

Using a twine, you can hang glass bowls with fake or real flowers on the Christmas tree for an added charm.

20. The Magic of Green

The magic of a green foliage plant with variation will add an oomph to the decor!

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