10 DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos Plant

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Check out the best DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos and have an organic approach to make them bushy, green, and lush!

DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos

If you want a natural way to make your houseplants lush, then there’s nothing better than trying one of these recipes. Have a look at the best DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos to make them beautifully green!

Here’s a top-secret to make your pothos lush and stunning!

DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos

1. Eggshell Tea

DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos 2

This fertilizer is an excellent calcium source, which helps pothos to have a strong cellular structure, making the plant lush and green. Use it as an alternative for regular watering, once or twice a month.

Recipe: Everything in detail about this recipe is available here!

2. Aquarium Water

Aquarium water is an excellent source of phosphorus, ammonia, and other minerals. When you don’t change it for 5-8 days, it becomes rich in essential elements, which is necessary for plant growth and makes the pothos attain a rich green color with faster growth.

Recipe: Use the Aquarium water once in 1-2 weeks. This liquid fertilizer can also be used as a supplement for water-grown pothos. Check more details about using aquarium water for plants here.

3. Potato or Rice Cooking Water

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Potato and rice cooking water contain potassium, calcium, minerals, and helpful plant elements that replenish the lost nutrients of the pothos plant. Using this water regularly will aid in fast and lush growth.

Recipe: Let the water cool down to room temperature before using. This liquid meal can be applied once in a while on pothos for the robust plant.

4. Worm Compost Tea

Compost tea is a beneficial organic fertilizer. Worm compost tea, as a foliar spray, works on producing greener leaves and large stems in pothos.

Recipe: Take cheesecloth, fill it with worm compost and tie it. Submerge this worm casting bag in a bucket with 2 gallons of water. Let it sit overnight. When you notice the water become light brown, it is ready to use! Water your pothos with this elixir.

5. Gelatin

DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos 3

Unflavored gelatin is a good source of nitrogen and makes the pothos attain a lush growth over time. However, do remember that it takes time and repeated application to work its magic!

Recipe: Dissolve 1 Cup of unflavored gelatin in one hot cup of water. Add 6-10 cups of cold water to the mix and apply it directly to the soil when the solution reaches room temperature once a month. You can also add chopped banana peels to increase efficacy.

6. Leftover Black Coffee or Tea

Leftover tea leaves or black coffee is a great source of nitrogen, which helps in pothos foliage growth. This DIY fertilizer can be used as an alternative for watering once or twice a month.

Recipe: Take leftover tea leaves or black coffee in a bowl and add water. Fill this solution in an airtight container. Use it on pothos once a month for lush green foliage. You can also side-dress your pothos plant with used coffee grounds.

7. Green Tea

Green tea contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Used green tea bags also increase the nutrient levels in the soil while improving oxygenation, which aids in the development of pothos roots. All this helps in better absorption of nutrients, aiding in good growth.

Recipe: Use 1 teabag in 1 gallon of water and use it on pothos every 3-4 weeks for best results.

8. Boiled Vegetable Water

Using boiled vegetable water after cooling it down to room temperature is one of the best ideas for providing essential minerals and vitamins to pothos and making it grow better with dense foliage.

Recipe: Use the leftover vegetable water on pothos once in 7-10 days. You can also do this with pasta water!

Here’s why you should use leftover pasta water on your plants

9. Epsom Salt

DIY Homemade Fertilizers for Pothos 4

Epsom salt is ‘hydrated magnesium sulfate’ and is made up of 10 percent magnesium and 13 percent sulfur, which helps in the development of chlorophyll and the growth of pothos, while magnesium works on better intake of nutrients and water retention, all of which makes pothos greener and lush! It also promotes bushier growth and protects the plant from pests and diseases.

Recipe: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in one gallon of water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. Use it on pothos as a foliar spray once or twice a month.

Check out some amazing Epsom Salt uses in the garden here

10. DIY Foliar Spray from Dried Banana Peels

Banana peels are a rich source of potassium and provide the much-needed nutrients to the pothos, and fertilizing with them can make your pothos plant more vibrant and colorful.

Recipe: Here are some banana fertilizer recipes for you to follow.

Discover more banana peel uses in the garden here

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