How to Design Best Indoor Selfie Space with Plants

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Learn how to design the best indoor selfie space with plants to click the stunning photographs in your home, with the help of this article.

We all love to click great selfies, and what could be better than to add a touch of nature in them? So, here is the list of 13 tremendous ideas that will help you to design the best indoor selfie space with plants without the help of any interior designer.

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How Can Plants Be Great for Selfies?

Nature has always been the best canvas, providing some of the great visuals our eyes could feast on. Including plants in pictures introduces a sense of peace and harmony that every human connects with.

Ideas for Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors

1. Succulent Frame

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors

Rather than having pictures with boring walls on the background, you can make a living frame of succulents for your selfie space! This video will guide you into making one!

2. Moss Wall

It gives you a great green background for group selfies! You can also use artificial ones and dye them in any color or carve in any shape.

Here are some great moss garden ideas 

3. Living Wall

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 2

Low light plants with the shallow root system are excellent for a green wall. Here are some amazing projects to try at home.

4. Vertical Indoor Garden

Take a cue from this vertical dresser planter. Anything like that can be a great backdrop for sitting selfie poses.

5. Hanging Pots

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 3

How about hanging several creative pots together to create a stunning group of plants dangling down? And the challenge is those hanging pots must be creative.

Here are some gorgeous trailing foliage plants for hanging baskets

6. Houseplant Shelf

Image Source

A plant shelf can be full of gorgeous specimens, cool succulents, gorgeous houseplants, and beautiful orchids! Pick a few from here.

Watch this video for inspiration

7. Ladder Plant Stand

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 4

A ladder plant stand can be a top spot to click pictures in your home. If you like the idea, don’t forget to share this article!

Learn how this ladder planter was made at Pro Flowers

8. Kokedama

Yeah, one more eccentric but amazing plant growing idea from Japan! Kokedamas are not exactly common, and using them in your selfies will guarantee lots of likes and comments!

Watch this video to know how to make them

9. Bonsai Display

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 5

If you’re a bonsai collector, this should be your idea! Some of the best indoor bonsai trees are listed here for your help.

Here’s a great video to make yourself a bonsai bench

10. Windowsill Arrangement

It can be anything–Vases with cut flowers, mason jar with herbs, succulents in glasses.

Check out this video for creating one for yourself. Also, check out our article for DIY flower vase ideas here

11. Macrame Holders

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 6

Bring the 70s back with handmade macrame plant hangers. A genius way to create a great selfie spot in your home.

Here are some gorgeous macrame plant hanger ideas

12. Large Plants

Not only they add a lot of character and presence to your homes, but large plants also provide a bold backdrop that can instantly add a lot of appeal in your photographs.

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13. Plant Stands

Best Selfie Plants to Grow Indoors 7

You can light up any dull passage or hallway with modern plant stands and stunning indoor plants. If the space is dark, you can also use faux plants.

Here are some unique plant stand ideas you can take inspiration from

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