25 Best Winter Planters for Front Porch

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Are you looking to liven up your front porch this winter? Check out our compiled list of the Best Winter Planters for the Front Porch. 

Winter comes before spring, and this coldest season can be quite dull, too. With shorter days and longer nights, the plants that flower are also fewer in comparison. So, to decorate your homes this festive time, you can put up beautiful planters on your front porch, patio, or outdoor bar and such. Here are a few of the Best Winter Planters for the Front Porch. 

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Best Winter Planters for the Front Porch

1. Blue Spruce and Winterberry Holly in Round Planter

Best Winter Planters for Front Porch

This massive planter with the touch of Pine Cones, Winterberry Holly, and Blue Spruce is definitely a beautiful idea to try.

2. Lit Up Square Planters

Planters for the Front Porch for Winter 2

These wonderful tall planters with Christmas baubles, string lights lighting up the pine cones, and beautiful foliage will make your home stand out.

3. Handicrafts and Christmas Baubles in Clay Planter

For the Front Porch, Winter Planters 3

A massive clay planter with a container garden adorned with the beauty of Christmas baubles, bows, an artificial wooden cage, wooden handicrafts, and an old lantern is exactly what you need to uplift your front porch.

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4. Tall Dark Planters with Stakes and Fir

Front porch winter planters 4

These elegant black planters with beautiful decorations and light green foliage are made tall with decorative stakes and fir trees. You can also add Coulter and Pinyon Pine cones for playing with textures and size.

5. Wide Planter with Container Garden

Best Winter Planters for Front Porch 5

Check out this amazing low and wide planter with a beautiful Christmasy container garden that perfectly highlights the winter spirit with its colors and elegance.

6. White Planters Surrounding the Front Door

The Best Front Porch Planters for Winter 6

These eye-catching planters on either side of the front door will allure everyone to visit this winter. Added beauty if you have an amazing pet to sit by their side.

7. Large Stone Planter with Square Base

Front porch winter planters that work best 7

The square base of this massive planter adds a graceful look to it while it holds a beautiful container garden with soft foliage and Christmasy red and brown colors.

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8. Tall Black Planters

Front porch planters for winter that work well 8

You can copy this idea with a tall, dark planter adorned with red ribbons and a spherical trellis supporting beautiful leaves.

9. Decorated Christmas Container Gardens

The Best Front Porch Planters for Winter 9

These huge planters on the front porch with resounding containers full of recycled Christmas decorations can be a head turner.

10. A Pair of Antique Planters

Planters for the Front Porch for Winter 10

This pair of antique planters filled with wonderful ferns, pine cones, and heart-shaped leaves look beautiful on the Front Porch.

11. Container Garden and Wreath

For the Front Porch, Winter Planters 11

Look at this beautiful front porch idea with a massive planter full of wonderful green foliage and a matching hanging vine and wreath for the door, topped with a bow.

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12. Artificial Christmas Trees and Pine Cones

Front porch winter planters 12

This beautiful front porch idea has impressive artificial Christmas trees of red on top of ferns and pine cones in a huge cement planter.

13. Massive Planters with Bright Succulent Blooms

The Best Front Porch Planters for Winter 13

Here are massive planters for the front porch filled with dense foliage and different succulent varieties that look like blooms.

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14. Container Garden in Dark Urn

Front porch winter planters that work best 14

Take a dark urn-shaped planter and fill it with beautiful soft ferns, red berries, and a pine cone painted in a white hue.

15. Christmas Urn Ideas

Best Winter Planters for Front Porch 15
Small’s Landscaping

A tall urn can be a beautiful, attractive outdoor planter for your front porch or back patio. You can also add a dash of color by using red, purple, and yellow berries and bright-colored branches like the yellow twig dogwood, white birch, and red twig dogwood.

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16. Farmhouse Basket Planter

Front porch planters for winter that work well 16

You can use an adorable harvest basket and fill it with a mix of curly willow branches, spruce, and cedar. For some inspo, check out this House of Hawthornes.

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17. Vintage Milk Tin PotThe Best Front Porch Planters for Winter 17

Use materials like half-wooden wine barrels or metal milk containers that are durable for the outdoor winter season. You can plant groups that can thrive well together in this container.

18. Farmhouse Style Porch Pots

Front porch winter planters that work best

Using vintage watering can make for a perfect front porch outdoor planter for the holiday time. Also, add some creative elements to add a festive touch.

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19. Outdoor Fairy Lights Planter Idea                                                        Front porch winter planters that work best 19

For a magical touch to your outdoor planter on the front porch, place some waterproof fairy lights or solar string lights. Place it around the planters in the front yard or hang it on top.

20. Modern Winter Planter

Best Winter Planters for Front Porch 20

If you want to create a Christmas outdoor decor in contemporary style on the front porch, pick a tall, dark planter. Then, add beautiful accents like red berries, pine cones, green magnolia leaves, and white birch branches.

21. Ornamental Winter Planter

The Best Front Porch Planters for Winter 21

Add other accents like colorful Christmas ornaments and dried lotus pods to pinecones in a tall planter on the front porch. This will create a festive winter atmosphere for you at the entrance of your home.

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22. Peach Basket Planter                                                                            Front porch winter planters 22

Place greenery, pinecones, and curly willow in a tall peach basket for a unique front porch planter idea. Such huge planters can make quite an impression.

23. Go for Galvanized                                                                                For the Front Porch, Winter Planters 23

Use galvanized metal planters this winter, as they can look bold in your garden style. Irrespective of the decor of your front porch, these weather-durable metal planters always look stunning.

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24. Coordinated Look

Planters for the Front Porch for Winter 24

Add a collection of box plants to introduce a swish detail to the front porch. Train the plants into balls or pyramids and make sure they last for the winter months. Place the planters with the plants in geometric shapes to make your front porch pop out.

25. A Classical Touch                                                                                Best Winter Planters for Front Porch 25

Use Mediterranean-style urns and pots for a classic touch that can never get old. Choose frost-proof pots for winter planting and grow silver foliage and flowering pansies.

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