11 Most Beautiful Hanging Pilea Plants

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Check out these stunning Hanging Pilea Plants that you can grow in a small space like a balcony or a patio with ease!

These Hanging Pilea Plants have interesting leaf shapes, patterns, and colors that can add visual interest to any room. They have a lovely cascading growth habit that looks stunning when displayed in a hanging planter.

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Best Hanging Pilea Plants

1. Creeping Charlie


Botanical Name: Pilea Nummulariifolia

These Hanging Pilea Plants displays oval-shaped, bright to glossy mid-green, wrinkled leaves with serrated margins. As the name sound, it creeps beautifully in hanging baskets.

2. Gray Baby Tears

Botanical Name: Pilea libanensis

This pretty ground cover looks outstanding in hanging baskets. The dense green leaves, with silver-blue hues, cascade beautifully over the rims of the pot.

3. Baby Tears

Botanical Name: Pilea depressa

This lovely variety of Hanging Pilea Plants is a great option for hanging baskets; the evergreen trailing leaves look adorable when dangled on the rim of the pot.

4. Silver Leaf Artillery Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea glaucophylla

The soft pink-red stems carrying the clusters of round blue-green leaves of this pilea can be a beautiful addition to hanging baskets.

5. Chinese Money Plant


Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides

Also known as Pilea Sharing Plant, these Hanging Pilea Plants have coin-shaped green leaves orbit’ around the hanging baskets.

6. Artillery Fern


Botanical Name: Pilea microphylla

Grow this pilea variety in the shade and moist soil. It favors warmth and the morning sun. The plant is also known as the gunpowder plant and rockweed.

7. Friendship Plant


Botanical Name: Pilea involucrata ‘Friendship’

This pilea with finely textured green leaves are patterned in a rich bronze-purple shade; it needs consistent humidity and warm temperatures to thrive.

8. Norfolk Friendship Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea spruceana ‘Norfolk’

Also known as Angel wings, this Hanging Pilea Plant sports oval, bronze-red, furrowed foliage with silver markings.

9. Pilea Espresso

Botanical Name: Pilea ‘Espresso’

This rare variety offers charming dark waxy leaves with a red hue on the undersides of the foliage. Keep the hanging baskets in bright indirect sunlight.

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10. Aluminum Plant


Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

The Aluminum plant or Watermelon Pilea, is a great choice for a hanging basket due to its attractive foliage and spreading growth habit.

11. Silver Tree

Botanical Name: Pilea spruceana

These Hanging Pilea Plants can be a fantastic basket addition, thanks to its striking metallic silver foliage with deep red-purple undersides.

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