How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden

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Learn How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden with simple hacks and enjoy their therapeutic chirping all around your home!

Urban gardens are decked with colorful blooms and lush, dainty foliage, but how about turning them into a nature’s abode with chatter and twitter? Learn How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden and try them today!

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How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden

1. Keep the Scary Birds Away

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden

Better hush them away. Garden birds call for the chirpy sparrows and cute hummingbirds, not messy crows and pigeons. Keep the bigger species away that would otherwise frighten the smaller ones, refraining from visiting your balcony.

2. Create a Friendly Environment

Create a clean and fresh environment on your balcony, which the birds would love to visit often. Pretty fragrant blooms, low noise, and fresh air will not just attract the birds but will enhance the overall vibe of your place.

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3. Install a Suction Bird Feeder

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden 2

A function bird feeder can be installed on the balcony fence or near the extended terrace. It will provide the birds with easier access to rest on your balcony instead of frightening away with human interference.

4. Set a Plateful of Bird Food

We would suggest buying good quality bird food from the market. Alternatively, you can set out a plate of breadcrumbs, cereals, or grains from the kitchen.

Hummingbirds love to feast on ripening fruit chunks such as berries, apples, petals, and even garden insects, if you are comfortable dealing with them.

5. Install a Bird House

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden 3

Install a small nest for the lovely creatures on your balcony. It’ll also complement your tropical space, besides providing shelter to the birds. You can keep a small bowl of water or bird seeds inside the house and help them rest a bit longer.

6. Raise a pole

Install poles along the balcony railings, to help them with a resting spot. You can also place their nest, or feeding bowl near the structure, encouraging them to stay a bit longer in your green space.

7. Tie a Rope

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden 4

Tie a rope across your balcony in a direction where the birds come to provide them with a landing space. You can use a nylon wire, jute robe, or ordinary cloth scraps for this purpose.

8. Set out a Birdbath

Place a bowl of fresh water on your balcony for the birds to enjoy a fresh shower in the harsh sunny weather. Finding a water source in urban areas becomes a challenge for these pretty creatures, who would love to drench their thirst in your balcony.

Make sure to change the water daily, once it heats up.

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9. Plant Attractive Flowers

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden 5

Consider growing clustered, colorful blooms if your balcony is blessed with bright sunlight. Marigold, Daisy, Sunflower, and Black-Eyed Susan are home to butterflies and birds. Petunias, Lantana, Cardinal Vines, and Zinnia are favorites of hummingbirds.

Line them along the railing to exude their alluring fragrance in the air.

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10. Grow Aromatic Herbs

Growing flowers on the balcony become a challenge, especially if you reside in an apartment or condo with limited space. Aromatic herbs such as Borage, Dandelions, Sage, Thyme, and Fennel can be your savior, attracting a beautiful flock of chirpy birds.

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11. Play Bird Recordings

How to Invite Birds on Balcony Garden 6

Bird recordings can be played to lure birds to your balcony. However, we would suggest you employ this method mindfully, as the vibrations might be harmful to certain birds and other natural beings

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