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If you’re searching for Things to Make from CDs in the garden, these 17 DIY Uses for Old CDs and DVDs are worth looking at!

1. CD Plant Markers

If you're searching for Things to Make from CDs in the garden, these 16 DIY Uses for Old CDs are worth looking at!

Grab some old CDs and use sharpies to write the names of each of your plants/veggies. You can also embellish them with stickers and ornaments. Here is the tutorial.

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2. DIY CD Wreath

Glue 10-30 CDs on a wooden ring to display this shining wreath onto your door or wall. It’s just a matter of five steps and simple supplies, visit Instructables for the directions. Must check out these herb wreath ideas.

3. Keep Critters Away from Fruit Trees

Tie a loop of fishing line to 3-4 CDS and a bell at the end to recreate this project to keep squirrels and rabbits away from your fruit trees. Get the tutorial at Hometalk.

4. Vibrant CD Spinners

Those old and scratched CDs and DVDs can be made into CD spinners for your garden, patio, balcony, etc. The more info is here.

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5. Decorative Bird Repellent from Old CDs

This decorative element above is not just a suncatcher but a bird repellent to keep your fruit and tomatoes safe. You can visit here.

6. DIY Coffee Can+CD Wind Chime

Adorn a coffee can and some CDs with sharpies and attach them to imitate this CD wind chime DIY. Happy Hooligans has the tutorial.

7. Cool Wind Chime Craft

You’ll need aluminum foil, glue, CDs, cord, scissors, needle, and other essential items to craft this wind chime for the garden. Visit DIY Enthusiasts for the instructions.

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8. Recycled CD Turkey for Kids

Your kids will love this recycling project. Get it at The Resourceful Mama.

9. DIY CD Mosaic Flower Pot

Creative Uses for Old CDs--DIY CD Planter

Break CDs into random shapes and glue them onto a plastic pot. Keep some distance between the glass pieces and later fill them with black paint. Visit Art And Craft Ideas. Check out more Mosaic Craft Ideas

10. Decorative Bird Scarers For Vegetable Garden

things to make from old CDs

These bird scarers are decorative as well and work well to keep birds away from your vegetable garden. Find more in this tutorial.

11. Mosaic Ornaments from Old CDs

Make gorgeous DIY mosaic ornaments from old CDs for your garden or home. Check out the how-to here.

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12. DIY DVD Cymbals

old dvd uses

While all the other DIY uses for old CDs and DVDs are exciting for you, this one is for your kids. Get the tutorial here.

13. Scare Owl DIY

If birds are damaging your crop and wreaking havoc in your yard and you want to scare them a bit, try this scare owl DIY here.

14. DIY Birdbath from Old CDs and DVDs

One of the coolest things to make from old CDs and DVDs–this DIY birdbath. Get the instructions here.

15. DIY Woven CD Garden Decoration Ornament

diy uses for old cds in the garden

This Old CD art project can play a part in the beautification of your garden. Check out the tutorial here.

16. Beautiful CD Spinners

You can hang these CD spinners here and there in your backyard and use them as TREE JEWELRY. Check out these garden projects you can make out of junk items.

17. Gatepost Reflector

You can also use an old CD as a gatepost reflector. We found the idea here. Also, check out these chicken wire projects for the garden.

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Old and scratched CDs and DVDs are easy to find, you can make them useful again in your garden with these 17 DIY projects.

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