31 DIY Garden Ornaments Projects To Beautify Your Garden

Sherin Woods is a California-based DIY enthusiast and garden design aficionado. With a background in Environmental Science, she combines creativity and sustainability in all her projects. A Pinterest favorite, Sherin is committed to eco-friendly solutions and has contributed to various home and garden publications. Her areas of expertise include DIY project planning, sustainable garden design, and content creation.
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Make your garden more beautiful by following these 31 DIY Garden Ornaments Projects with tutorials.

1. DIY Outdoor Light

This outdoor light chandelier project is perfect for the porch or sitting area in your garden. With just a few supplies and easy steps, it can be done. Click here to learn more!

2. Paint Can Luminaria

Turn a quart sized paint can into a beautiful fairy house luminaria to display in your garden. To know more, check out the tutorial here.

3. Rock Caterpillars

Model this cute DIY using rocks and paint. You can also involve your kids in this project. Check out the tutorial here!

4. Teacup Garden Stake

Make a garden stake using wired teacup! It’s a unique idea. Decorate it using your creativity to make it more personalized. Here’s the tutorial.

5. Decorative Garden Balls

Garden art balls can become amazing DIY garden ornaments. If you like this idea, follow this step-by-step tutorial at the Empress of Dirt to know more.

6. Concrete Leaf Ornament

This concrete leaf just looks gorgeous in the garden. Use it for decoration, as a water feature, or to feed the birdlife. Details are here.

7. Stenciled Rocks

Transform those featureless rocks into stenciled garden rocks with unique eye drawing patterns. Here’s the detailed tutorial.

8. Garden Markers

Garden Markers

Make easy garden markers to recognize your garden plants and seedlings names! Try this project here.

9. Pebble Art

Pebble Art

It is a 3-step quick, super easy DIY project with pebbles! The tutorial is here.

10. Tic-Tac-toe

Use a tree stump to create this tic-tac-toe game DIY for your kids to play. Take help from your kids to improve their creativity bit more!

11. Bead Buster

Combine beads and wire hangers to make this tempting DIY. It’s amazing to see the beads shining when the sun hits them. The tutorial is here.

12. Concrete Mushroom

Complete this DIY concrete mushroom project using the beads, stones and other supplies. Watch the tutorial video here.

13. Hubcap Flowers

Hubcap Flowers

Combine spare hubcaps and some vibrant paint colors to make these DIY hubcap flowers. Here’s the tutorial.

14. Concrete Garden Globes

Concrete Garden Globes

This economical and beautiful garden globes project can beautify a corner of your garden. Visit The Garden Glove to know more.

15. Glowing Rocks

This project is made by combining only two things–rocks and glow in the dark paint. It’s pretty easy and fun project that you can do even with your kids. Look here for the tutorial.

16. Dragonfly Yard Art

Dragonfly Yard Art

Make this DIY dragonfly yard art for your garden using copper wires, colorful beads, and multiple other easily available supplies. Visit Birds and Blooms for the instructions!

17. Waterdrop Solar Light

Create this magical waterdrop solar light to bring enigma to your garden. The project is moderately difficult, but it’s worth the efforts. Click here for the tutorial.

18. Golf Lady Birds

Transform golf balls into these cute little ladybirds, to feature in your garden! Look for the tutorial here.

19. Metal Spheres

Make these OMG metal spheres in cheap to create oomph in your garden. They look great in the home as well. Visit Retro Politan Hip for the DIY.

20. Crystal Pouring Can

Crystal Pouring Can

Create this brilliant decorative art piece using an old watering can and a few crystals. Visit Crafts By Amanda for the tutorial.

21. Stone Birdhouse

These stone birdhouses are bird-friendly and super attractive. Learn how to make them here.

22. Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Try this amazing suncatcher wind chime project for your garden using mason jar lids and some additional basic materials. Get the tutorial here.

23. Mushrooms

Create these colorful terra cotta pots mushrooms to exorcize the dullness from your garden. The tutorial is here.

24. DIY Mirror Garland

Create a gorgeous light show of sparkling sun rays in your garden with small mirrors, adhesive, and fishing line. The complete list of supplies and tutorial is available at the HGTV.

25. Garden Sign

Make the best use of old rusty shovels, spades or other garden tools by creating garden signs. The tutorial is here.

26. Solar BirdBath

Help the birds soothe themselves by providing them a bathtub in summer. Make this beautiful solar birdbath fountain by following this tutorial!

27. Scrap Metal Flower

Create amazing metal flowers for your home and garden from metal scraps. Visit here to check more flower art ideas.

28. Bowl Mushroom

Get a few old bowls and spray paint to create this ingenious DIY. Paint your bowls mushroom-like, and place them upside down on the logs. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

29. DIY Outdoor Chandelier

DIY Outdoor Chandelier

DIY a beautiful chandelier outside to get a romantic outdoor seating area. We found the idea here!

30. DIY Tea Pot Bird Bath

DIY Tea Pot Bird Bath

This DIY tea pot bird bath idea is suitable for those who don’t have playful and clumsy pets. Click here to see the tutorial!

31. Garden Rock Caterpillar

Garden Rock Caterpillar

This cute garden rock caterpillar deserves your attention. Put it in your garden or on the windowsill; it’ll look great. The DIY article is available here!

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