51 Awesome DIY Tin Can Ideas for Garden

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Here are some fabulous DIY Tin Can Ideas for Garden that you can make for the open space in your house and recycle them smartly!

Check out some really fun and easy Tin Can Ideas for Garden that will help you add a quirky appeal to your add without spending anything!

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DIY Tin Can Ideas for Garden

1. Tin Can Herb Garden

Upcycle a wooden ladder and used tin cans to complete this project here, perfect for limited space gardeners.

2. Grass in Knitted Tin Cans

Tin Can Projects & Ideas

These knitted pots are originally spare tin cans. This blogger used them to grow grass indoors to add a dash of green.

3. Make a Tin Can Man

This Tin Can Man is a fine example of unusual DIY things to do with tin cans! Collect a few cans and head over to this blog to complete this interesting summer project!

4. Growing Moss in Tin Cans

How about growing moss in tin cans and customizing them following a tutorial here!


5. Outdoor Lanterns from Tin Cans

Make these beautiful lanterns from tin cans with the help of this tutorial and light up your garden, patio, balcony, or urban rooftop.

6. Copper Tin Can Planters

Tin Can Projects & Ideas diy

These copper tin can planters have chalkboard texts, perfect for growing indoors herbs. Details are here.

7. Tin Can Garden Creatures

These ridiculous tin can creatures can be a sight to witness in your garden. Click here for details.

8. Painted Tin Can Planters

 Tin Can Ideas

Simple and easy, paint the boring tin cans and use them as pots. We found this here.

9. Tin Can Bird Feeders

Make beautiful and functional tin can bird feeders for your backyard. Get the tutorial here.

10. Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy

This tin can flower caddy can be used to grow herbs and other plants as well. Learn to make it here.

11. Recycled Tin Can Garden Light & Planter

Give a boost to your garden decor with this planter+lantern tin can project here.

12. Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove

This rocket stove is made from tin cans, it’s portable and lightweight, which means you can keep it with you on camping. We found the DIY here.

13. Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

Color tin cans and hang them on your wooden backyard fence. Find this clever idea+many more in this garden fence decoration ideas post.

14. Garden Markers from Tin Can

Transform tin can lids into stamped plant labels and garden markers with the help of this DIY.

15. Tin Burlap & Lace Planter

Welcome spring with this tin can planter idea here using laces and burlap.

16. Crushed Tin Can Planter

Tin cans crushed and spray painted to use as planters. Click here if you like this DIY.

17. Tin Can Solar Light

Collect several tin cans, inexpensive solar lights, and a few other common supplies listed here to complete this project.

18. Aged Tin Can Succulent Planters

Give an aged look to your tin can planters with the help of this tutorial.

17. Tin Can Flower Garden

Tin Can Flower Garden

Paint tin cans the most playful way to grow plants! Hang them on a fence, lattice, or pallet board. We found this idea here.

20. Tin Can Ghost Windsock

We’re not listing Halloween tin can ideas but this one deserves a place. The DIY is here.

21. Tin Can Flowers and Bird Feeder

This tin can flower+bird feeder craft is a creative idea! You can find its step-by-step tutorial here.

22. Scrapbooking Paper Tin Can Planter

Scrapbooking Paper Tin Can Planter

If you love to recycle, don’t let the tin cans go out of your home, you can do amazing things with them. This post is an example!

23. Adorable Tin Can Bunny Planters

Adorable DIY Tin Can Bunny Planters

These tin can bunny planters will look good on Easter and then in your kid’s room.

24. Tin Can Bee House

Use tin cans and other recycled materials to complete this project.

25. DIY Moss Tin Can Planter

DIY Moss Tin Can Planter

These cute-looking moss tin can planters can be excellent wedding centerpieces or garden party favors. Find out how they were made here!

26. Tin Can Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden

Recycling at its best! Learn about this idea here. Also, check out many more kitchen countertop garden ideas here.

27. Tin Can Hanging Planters

DIY Tin Can Hanging Planters

These hanging tin can planters are perfect for cut flowers, plants (faux or live), and other arrangements. The tutorial is here.

28. Hanging Tins for Flowers

Here’s an easy DIY to use old tin cans to grow flowers and herbs of your choice!

29. Tin Can Grill

If you do not have a grill, here is a creative way to make one!

30. Punched Tin Ornament

This ornament can be made using items from your recycling bin and toolbox! Details are here.

31. Homemade Wind Chimes

Upcycle your tin cans into fun, homemade wind chimes that the kids can make! Click here for details.

32. Tin Man!

Use coffee, cans, and paint cans, along with teapots and chandelier parts to make this one!

33. Garden Planters with Recycled Cans

If you have no idea about all those used cans, try these garden planters.

34. Upcycled Marimekko Decorative Tin Can Planters


Check out this DIY to make yourself a colorful tin can garden!

35. Tin Can Lanterns

Light up lazy summer nights with these almost-free outdoor luminaries! Click here for details.

36. Tin Can Scarecrow

This Tin Can Scarecrow will surely be a quirky addition to your garden! Details are here.

37. Hanging Tin Can Planter

Transform old tin cans into beautiful hanging flower pots for your garden. This simple project can be adjusted to any size you require. Watch the video here.

38. Hanging Tin Can Candle Holder

What a super cute idea to recycle tin cans and make hanging candle holders. They look very beautiful and unique! Details are here.

39. Tin Can Outdoor Lantern

Check out this easy DIY that will help you to make some amazing outdoor lanterns with tin cans.

40. Tin Can Herb Pot

This DIY herb pot is a thrifty and eco-friendly way to make planters! You only need a can, some burlap, ribbon, and glue to create a beautiful and rustic planter in no time.

41. Tin Can Garden Art Robots

Turn empty food cans into sweet garden art robots and pets with these ideas. It’s a favorite old-fashioned garden junk project. Click here for details.

42. Tin Can Ball Toss Game

Do you love the ball toss games at the carnival? If so, you can recreate that same fun game at home using this easy DIY.

43. Tin Can Flowers

All you need are some empty (and clean) tin cans, spray paint, and acrylic paints or pens to make this one!

44. Hobo Camp Stove From Tin Cans

See just how easy it is to make a mini stove for camping and backpacking. Click here for details.

45. Tin Can Rose

These make for perfect gifts for anniversaries and other functions! Details are here.

46. Snowman Craft from Tin Cans

Recycle tin cans with this snowman craft that is perfect for winter. Click here for details.

47. Tin Can Pumpkin Lantern

Both cheap and easy to make, this will be a great addition to the table! Details are here.

48. Tin Can Flag Windsock

Re-using tin cans and leftover craft materials make this an inexpensive fun project to share with your little ones! Click here for details.

49. Tin Can Drink Holder

Here’s how you can make a cool drink holder by using some old tin cans!

50. Tin Can DIY Outdoor Lighting

Make an outdoor chandelier/pendant light fixture out of some vintage tin cans. Details are here.

51. Tin Can Christmas Tree

This easy Tin Can Christmas Tree activity for kids was the perfect way to upcycle some cans and provide the kiddos with a design challenge!

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