70+ Best DIY Halloween Ideas For Home & Garden

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70+ Best DIY Halloween Ideas you should know to give a spooky touch to your home and garden. Check out!

1. Skull Lamp

You may not want to read horror stories at bedtime with this DIY ‘spooktacular skull lamp’ on your nightstand.

2. Squished-Up Witch

Are you done with spiders, pumpkins, and luminaries? Try arranging hay to display witch’s legs most outrageously ever. Get the tutorial here.

3. Butternut Squash Skulls

A novel substitute of plastic pumpkins, butternut squashes team up with radish eyes and carved teeth to look like haunted heads in this jaw-dropping DIY project.

4. Smashed Witch

Ward off mystical intruders with a fake witch’s corpse on the front door. Get the DIY here.

5. Too Good to be True

If rosy red apples are a staple of the fall harvest, then eerily illuminated apples are the staple of Halloween. Get the tutorial here!

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6. Eyeball Cake Pops

These tiny candy-coated treats are too yummy to resist, even for the weight-watchers out there. Get the instructions here!

7. DIY Halloween Terrarium

This DIY shows you how to create a Halloween terrarium. Check out!

8. Face-in-the-Mirror

Spray paint and reflective paint are the two secrets of this spine-chilling spectral mirror. We found the idea here!

9. Spooky Door

Apocalypse is too overrated, don’t you think! This DIY shows you how to mimic a ghoul attack in your entrance. No need for those boring fall wreaths on the door.

10. Cat Face Garland

A quirky take on the classic mantelpiece decor, this cat face garland has the potential to become a nice conversation-starter on your Halloween eve party.

11. Eerie Pictures

This idea will give you chills down the spine every time you glance at the gallery of portraits on the wall.

12. Vintage Candle Display

There is something beautifully Gothic about this candle collection. Place these candles next to an accent piece to create a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for concocting spells on Halloween eve.

13. Devil Cushions

Attach devil’s horns on your kids’ pillows to make his room Halloween ready. Have fun posing and taking pictures. Get the DIY here!

14. Pumpkin Panorama

A werewolf howling at the moon is a representation of Halloween. Use this symbolism to create a unique diorama within carved black pumpkins and place them on the entrance for maximum impact. Refer to this guide for more details.

15. Spider Mason Jar

Enthrall visitors with this cute display of mason jars that combine two common staples of Halloween: spiders and mysterious lights. See the project here!

16. No-Carve Pumpkin Display

Too lazy to carve out pumpkins for a fancy decor? Then try this idea. The bell jar sits elegantly over the raven-drawn pumpkins, giving it a royal treatment.

17. Bar for Witches

Create a spot of your solace with a witchy minibar that holds all your fancy liquor in one place. Get the instructions here.

18. Creepy Terrariums

Revive old jam bottles and mason jars from the dead by transforming them into spooky little terrariums. See more here!

19. Webbed!

Gigantic spider webs made from black trash bags are perfect for making a dramatic statement in the living room. Get the tutorial here!

20. Cryptic Crystal Balls

Take a cue from this blogger to craft out surreal crystal ball holders using clear ornaments, transparency film and candlesticks of differing heights.

21. Spider Crown

This edgy accessory has a versatile look that goes with different outfit ideas, or one that is worn just for Halloween. See more here!

22. Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

The best part about this fall staple is that it doesn’t involve dealing with knives or messy pumpkin bits. See more here!

23. DIY Halloween Village Luminaries

Illuminate your windowsill with these easy-to-make mason jars that take on a different life of their own once the sun leaves the sky. Click here to see the DIY post.

24. Bat Chandelier

Paper cut-outs of bats have been strung to a vintage ring for a unique, cascading effect that creates a focal point in an otherwise dull room. Get the instructions here!

25. Paper Bag Lights

Dress up your stairway with these compact paper bag luminaries that can be customized in any way to spell out season’s greetings, or welcome guests to the party. Learn more here!

26. DIY Neon Pumpkins

Unearthly-looking pumpkins that emit neon beams in multiple colors at night. This DIY is all about that.

27. Edible & Ghostly Centerpiece

Ghostly caricatures in tiny jelly jars act as a nice centerpiece for a Halloween party. Get the DIY here!

28. Witchy Mural

Rely on the tried-and-tested witch silhouette to set the tone for Halloween in your home. Check out this DIY Halloween idea here!

29. DIY Halloween Tree

This one-of-a-kind DIY will make you wonder why Halloween trees are not as popular as Christmas trees.

30. Candy Corn Pitch

It will be fun to watch the kids dig into mini cauldrons to get their share of sweet treats! Click here for detailed instructions.

31. Boneyard Lantern

Attractive in a creepy way, this yard lantern has a penchant for drawing spirits, both good and evil.

32. Skull Candle Holders

These chic candle holders are perfect for adding a devilish air throughout the house. Get the details here.

33. Bat Centerpiece

Rest red-eyed paper bats on twigs for a breathtaking tabletop accent piece. Click here for more details.

34. Lunch Bag Luminaries

Paper lunch bags and a few other very common supplies are used to create this scary tabletop scene. Click here to see the makeover.

35. Mummy Sign

Infuse fun holiday vibes to your front door with this DIY that is spooky and artsy in the same breath.

36. DIY Skull Bottle

This enigmatic bottle looks like it’s been taken from a haunted museum of a horror movie. Paper towels are used to create a beautiful finish and spray paint for a timeless appeal. Get the complete instructions here.

37. Mummy Vases

These cute ‘mummified vases’ prove that it’s possible to make an unusual thing even with simple materials. Here’s the tutorial.

38. Halloween Gumball Letters

Here is the perfect kind of Halloween decor idea, you can try.

39. House-o-Lantern

Put your DIY skills to test with this amazing idea that shows you how to convert your entire home into a giant jack-o-lantern.

40. Spooky Welcome

Not in the holiday mood yet? Create this creepy banner that doubles as an ominous warning to keep out the naughty trick-or-treaters.

41. Go Dramatically Dark

Orange and black may be the classic Halloween color scheme but isn’t it time that you think out of the box? This black and purple combo! See more of it here!

42. Spooky Vintage Crow

Perch these frightening crows on your porch for a one-of-a-kind welcome. Learn more here!

43. ‘Buried Alive’ Cake

This stunning party cake is your ordinary store-bought vanilla-flavored cake with a few sinister twists for some ghoulish vibes on a Halloween party. We found the idea here!

44. DIY Ghostly Figures

This DIY is a happy compromise for people who want to make their Halloween party scary without creeping out the kids to death.

45. Arachnophobia Wreath

To be honest, these creepy spiders are only welcome in the house when they come in the form of this fascinating wreath.

46. Trick-or-Treat Halloween Pillows

Decorate the kid’s bedroom with playful Halloween-inspired pillows lined with patterned fabrics for a never-ending snuggle-fest. Here’s the complete tutorial.

47. Diy Apothecary Jars

Display dried-up blooms in apothecary bottles for a Harry Potter-inspired look this Halloween. Get the details here!

48. Asymmetrical Appeal

With this dazzling display on the mantel, no one will notice the lack of creativity in other parts of your home. Learn more here!

49. DIY Candy Corn Vases

Candy corn and colored water beads are used to amp up the style quotient of plain vases in this unique DIY.

50. DIY Floral Skull Centerpiece

Combining harbingers of good and bad luck, this shadowy floral arrangement makes a spooky statement on your coffee table. Get the details here!

51. String Art with Skulls

For a refined yet simple Halloween decoration, look no further than here.

52. Haunted Living Room

This DIY is what you need to create maximum impact with minimal effort.

53. Floating Head Ghosts

Involving foam mannequin heads draped in cheesecloth, these floating head ghosts have the potential to get scarier with time. The more of it is here!

54. Terrifying Pickle Jar

For all, you mischievous fellas out there here is a Halloween decoration that doubles as a prank and leaves your guests staring at a ghostly head every time they reach for the pickle jar.

55. Hovering Candles

Take wall decor to a different level with these wizardry candles that add oodles of character to your living room, making it look almost three-dimensional.

56. DIY Spooky Hand Sanitizer

Believe it or not, this spooky hand sanitizer will encourage your kids to wash their hands more often in the long run!

57. Pebble Monsters

These little guys are too adorable to resist-even for someone who is not quite the DIY-er. You can later use them somewhere in your garden or as a paperweight in your home office. Get the details here.

58. Recycled K-Cup Garland

Cups by day and supernatural decorative lights by night, this K-cup garland is a clever way to reuse those cups after a tea party.

59. DIY Halloween Moon

Bring an eerie glow to your nightstand this October with the DIY Halloween Moon.

60. Spider Ice Cubes

You know what a fun way to spice up a Halloween party is? Chilling the drinks with the worst nightmare of everyone ever. Get the details here!

61. Tormented Candles

Add some BDSM flavor to the table with these tortured candles to your decorations. The DIY post is here!

62. DIY Goblin Peeker

Partly cuddly and partly grotesque, these hand-sewn goblins keep a watchful eye over your home in the darkest of nights. The DIY is here!

63. The Magic Mirror

The DIY Magic Mirror is the ultimate party trick for anyone who has a spare PC and doesn’t mind boring a large hole in the wall.

64. Ghostly Gates

Perch skulls on the pillars at your entrance to make your entire home look like a cemetery. Get the instructions here.

65. Hologram Illusions

These cool hologram illusions are for the DIY-er that isn’t afraid to experiment. See the how-to here!

66. DIY Werewolf Head

Every home, whether haunted or not, appreciates a big scary monster on one of its walls. Get the full tutorial here.

67. DIY Costume Award Trophies

Create these DIY costume award trophies for Halloween eve. Because there is nothing like a little costume competition to break the ice!

68. Spooky Stencil Cocktails

Create these creepy cocktail imprints to add macabre symbols to the top of your drinks on October 31st. Get the tutorial here.

69. Rose Gold Pumpkin Planters

Stylish, unusual, and useful, these pumpkin planters are one of the coolest DIY Halloween Ideas to try!

70. Candy Corn Bingo

This Halloween board game idea replaces boring numerals with witch hats, ghostly faces, and black cats. Get a bag of multi-colored candy corn for markers, and you’re ready for an evening of never-ending fun.

71. Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss

Wrapping fluorescent duct tapes over same-sized bottles is a nice way to achieve a creepy spin-off of the ‘ring-in-the-bottle’ game. Get complete instructions here.

72. Halloween Skull Wreath

Add creep quotient to your front door within 10 minutes with this eerie wreath. Use red colored lights to bring life to the skull’s eyes. The project with full details is here!

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70+ Best DIY Halloween Ideas you need to decorate your home and garden. Check out!

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