94 Best DIY Succulent Arrangement Ideas & Projects

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Copy these DIY Succulent Arrangement Ideas to make your home and garden more interesting, modern, and eccentric.

Succulents are the most modern things in plant fashion from the last few years and if you’re a gardener, not having them is not-so-cool. If you understand the craze and looking for some awesome succulent arrangement ideas and DIY projects–bookmark this article.

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Awesome DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

1. First Indoor Succulent Garden

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

Get tips for making your first indoor succulent garden here.

2. Rotted Tree Trunk Succulent Planter

Here is the exciting DIY! One of the best DIY Succulent Planter Ideas on the list!

3. Plant Succulents in a Log for a Fresh Fall Centerpiece

HGTV has a great DIY for you here.

4. Succulent Driftwood Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 2

Watch this video for all the details.

5. DIY High Heel Planter

Here are all the details for this unique DIY!

6. DIY Mug Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 3

Check out the DIY from a little craft in your day here.

7. Succulent Planter From a Thrifted Water Can

Have a look at this creative DIY here.

8. DIY Succulent Wall Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 4

Here are all the details for you!

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9. DIY Seashell Planter

Here’s a detailed tutorial for all the beach lovers!

10. DIY Concrete Hand Planters

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 5

Get all the information here.

11. DIY Succulents in Old Boots

Loved the idea? Get all the details on it here.

12. TV Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 6

Get all the information on how to do it here.

13. DIY Succulent Coffee Table

Watch the video here and make one for yourself! One of the best DIY Succulent Planter Ideas on the list!

14. DIY Unicorn Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 7

This could be great for your kid’s study table–You have the choice to use both the live or faux succulents. Watch the video to get all the details!

15. Succulent Toy Truck Planter

Transform a salvaged toy truck into a planter! The inspiration is here.

16. DIY Tonka Truck Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 8

You can also gift one to your neighbor’s kid! Details are here.

17. DIY Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Use those empty mason jars for good!

18. DIY Dino Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 9

Miniature Dinos can be a charming home for little succulents! Watch it here.

19. DIY Concrete Succulent Planter

It can be a great addition to your home! Details are here.

20. Easy Indoor Succulent Rock Garden

Like little indoor gardens? Here’s the DIY.

21. DIY Toy Elephant Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 10

Make an excellent tabletop centerpiece. Click here.

22. DIY Vertical Succulent Planter

How about putting a sign with style! Details are here.

23. Frida Kahlo DIY Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 11

If you’re a fan of her work, you’ll love this one! One of the best DIY Succulent Planter Ideas on the list!

24. Easy Repurposed DIY Wall Succulent Planter

Hang up little succulents in small buckets!

25. Book Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 12

A very old book that is not readable can be transformed into this. Click here for the DIY.

26. Succulent Letter Garden

Display your name with letters filled with your favorite succulents! Details are here.

27. DIY Hanging Succulent Garden

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 13

Utilize the small space by hanging succulents in style.

28. Crystal Succulent Planter

Use crystals and succulents together to make a beautiful planter.

29. Farmhouse Style DIY Succulent Planter Box

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 14

Loved this project? Click here for all the information.

30. Wine cork Magnet Planters

Do not let those wine corks go to waste!

31. Coffee Pot Terrarium

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 15

This coffee pot, full of plants, can be a decorative piece on your kitchen island! You can use air plants, moss, succulents. Or, if you want to keep it maintenance-free, just use the fake ones.

32. Wine Bottles Succulent Planters

Get those empty wine bottles from the basement and use them creatively!

33. DIY Modular Geometric Concrete Planters

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 16

Easy to make. Click here.

34. Plastic Spray Bottle to Planter

Who thought a spray bottle could be used this way too!

35. Birdcage Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 17

Have an old rustic birdcage? Use it to grow succulents! We have more birdcage ideas here.

36. Succulent Terrarium Centerpieces

Make a wonderful centerpiece for the living room. Click here.

37. Vintage Book Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 18

Keep it at your library table. Here are all the details.

38. Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium

It may look tough to make, but it’s not! Click here.

39. Diamond Hanging Planters

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 19

Hanging planters save space and look good!

40. DIY Glass Terrariums

What’s more modern than this? Grow an airplant or succulent in it. The tutorial is here.

41. Copper Pipe Plant Holder

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 20

Copper pipe stand will add a rustic charm to the pots.

42. DIY Succulent Driftwood Planter

Check out this DIY to make a similar one for yourself.

43. DIY Shamrock Succulent Wall Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 21

If you are a fan of wall art, then you should definitely check out this one.

44. DIY Pumpkin Succulent Planters

Pumpkins can be great planters for your favorite succulents! One of the best fall decor ideas on this list.

45. Little Succulent Birdhouse

Make a cute little birdhouse with succulents over it.

46. Teacup Fairy Garden

How about having this on your garden table? Click here for the tutorial.

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47. Hanging Succulent Terrarium

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 23

A hanging terrarium can be a great addition to your rooms.

48. DIY Sisal Rope Planters

Like the design? Check out the details here.

49. Wood Succulent Planter

Copy these DIY Succulent Arrangement Ideas to make your home and garden more charming, modern, and eccentric.

Using a small wooden box, you can make individual sections in it to grow different succulents. You can involve your kids in this project!

50. Potted Succulents in a Vintage Toolbox

Don’t let that empty toolbox go to waste. Use it creatively to grow colorful succulents!

51. Succulent Vintage Matchbox Hang

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 25

Get a vintage matchbox made out of steel from a salvage yard and use it creatively to grow succulents of your choice and hang it on a wall.

52. Upcycled Plastic Bottle into a Rustic Rope Planter

It doesn’t take much time to make this, and it looks good. Click here.

53. Succulent Planter from Old Fan Blade Covers

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 26

Old rotating tabletop fans might be a thing of the past, but you can recreate their charm once again by growing succulents in them, as shown in the picture!

54. Succulent Planter from a Vintage Radio

Use a non-working radio and make it all alive again with the use of cute succulents. It can be a great addition to your home or garden and will surely attract many eyeballs!

55. A Succulent Pan

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 27

Have you recently upgraded your kitchen utensils? Then don’t let the old ones go to waste and use them to grow colorful succulents.

56. Succulents in Antique Stove

Image Credit: Sweet stuff

Get a rustic-looking old stove from any scrap dealer and convert it into a unique-looking succulent planter. It will look great in your garden!

57. Clay Pot Succulent Chimney

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 28

A clay chimney can be a wonderful home for succulents, it can be easily placed anywhere in the garden, and your kids will be more than happy to lend a hand!

58. Coconut Shell Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 29

Sometimes, the most unusual things can make for great planters. A coconut shell can be transformed this way, the tutorial is here in Greek, but you can always translate.

59. Easy Upcycled Typerwriter Planter Tutorial

The perfect thing for an intellectual person! Click here.

60. Metal Tin Container Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 30

Use discarded tin cans to make these rustic planters for succulents. The step-by-step project is here.

61. Succulent Planters From Beer Cans

The colorful beer cans can be awesome succulent planters!

62. Vintage Red Flyer Wagon

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 31

How about using a salvaged cart to grow succulents? You can find stuff like that in any thrift store.

63. Upcycled Desk Caddy

An old desk caddy made into a succulent planter. Perfect for a country-style decoration.

64. Meat Grinder Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 32

It sounds absurd but makes for an attractive pot–An old meat grinder to grow these mini plants!

65. Wine Glass Planter

Grow succulent in wine glasses with the help of this tutorial! Place them by the windowsill for the best display!

See more wine glass uses in the garden here

66. DIY Father’s Day Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 33

A great DIY to grow your favorite succulents! Click here.

67. Fabric Wall Planter

Stich fabric and make unique planters, they may not last long, but they’re not expensive either. Here is all the information!

68. Glass Succulent Planter with Cell Phone Holder

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 34
Image Credit: Succulent Artworks

Get a long mobile stand with two hollow pockets on the sides to grow succulents. Nothing like seeing your mobile flanked by two beautiful plants! You can do this with air plants as well or use faux plants.

69. Clock Succulent Planter

An old alarm clock from your grandfather’s time can make for a little succulent timepiece!

70. Mermaid Garden with Succulents


Have a look at the DIY to make yourself a similar one. Your kids will love this.

71. Balcony Railing Succulent Planters

Growing succulents in railing planters is a nice idea. Learn how to make a succulent balcony garden here.

72. Repurposed Old Toolbox

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 36

An easy-to-make toolbox planter, Click here for the details.

73. Succulents in Chest

Succulents in wooden drawers will look simply great. Get all the information here.

74. Succulents in Ceramic Pot

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 37

A colorful ceramic pot will add up to the beauty of succulents and will make them stand out!

75. Light Bulb Succulents

You can use old Edison bulbs to grow succulents and hang them as decorative pieces. If growing living succulents don’t strike you–Use artificial ones, and this craft will still look good.

76. Recycled Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 38

This cassette planter will bring back the old memories!

77. Transform an Oil Tin into a Cute Planter

Use the old tin can as a planter. Click here.

78. Succulent Planter With a Pen

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 39

This may sound odd, but it can be done! Find out the details here.

79. Succulent Planter Piano

You can get an old piano from a scrap shop and use it to grow succulents along with other plants. It can be a great addition to a deck, greenhouse, or any enclosed area!

80. Mirrored Dresser Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 40

If you just got your bedroom furnished and have an old dressing table, don’t pawn it. Place it at the corner of your patio or lawn and grow succulents in it!

81. Sedum Planted Wicker Chair

An old wicker chair full of succulents. Click here for the steps.

82. Seashell Terrariums

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 41

Watch this video to make yourself an amazing seashell terrarium.

83. Magic Succulent Lantern

Lanterns make for great planters. Watch the video here.

84. DIY Eggshell Succulent Garden

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 42

Both easy to make and purposeful during Easter! The video is here.

85. DIY Plant Hanger

You can make these gorgeous succulent plant hangers by watching this video.

86. Vintage Silver Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 43

A silver dish planter like this will be great for living rooms!

87. DIY Succulent Candle Centerpiece

A centerpiece for your table, it’s more suitable for outdoor tabletops of porch and patio.

Check out this tabletop centerpiece idea here

88. 3-Piece Succulent Wall Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 44

Succulents in galvanized metal pots like these are surely a combination of Rustic+Modern.

89. Coffee Table Succulent Planter

Can we agree on this? A string of pearls is a beautiful plant, but this planter is accentuating its prettiness.

90. Bowl Planter

Do you like it? We too!

91. Succulent Dish Garden

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 45

Making a succulent dish garden is quite easy, and you should read our article here to get all the details.

92. Bulb Planter

You can use an old bulb to make quite a unique planter to grow small plants of your choice. Our article will give you all the information here.

93. Succulent Head Planter

DIY Succulent Planter Ideas 46

A head planter may sound like a bizarre idea at first, but it can be a great way to showcase succulents. Check out some great head planter ideas here.

94. Gnome Home Succulent Terrarium

Gnomes look cute and can work as a great addition to the planters and terrariums. We found the idea here.

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