10 Bizarre DIY Head Planter Ideas

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Give your space a bizarre, attractive look by trying one of these DIY Head Planter Ideas!

1. Mannequin Head Planter

Get a plastic mannequin head and follow the instructions from the HGTV.com!

2. DIY Cement Head Planters

These time taking cement head planters worth all the efforts. Get the instructions here.

3. DIY Garden Head Project

This garden head project is not complicated at all, it is based on the foam head. Find it here.

4. Succulent Head Planter

Plastic head, succulents, knife, soil, spray and instructions available here are all you need to make this head planter.

5. Easy Foam Head Planter

This head planter project is so easy-peasy. Learn the steps here!

6. Creepy Doll Head Planters

Collect the creepiest dolls, remove their hollow heads from bodies, fill them with soil and attach plants. A nice Halloween decoration idea. You can also keep them in the garden.

7. Doll’s Head Planter Project

A pretty similar DIY project like the one above, but a more detailed version. Check out the instructions here.

8. Mannequin Head Cactus Planter

Cut the mannequin head open enough to add the plants. It’s that simple! You can display this cactus planter both indoors and outdoors. Must watch the video here.

9. Creepiest Head Planter

Surely, this is the creepiest head planter in this list. We found this DIY idea here.

10. Barbie Head Planter

Check out this DIY article here to learn how this old barbie head turned into a patina planter.

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