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Growing Philodendron Brasil in Water is the best way to showcase this beautiful plant on a windowsill or tabletops in vases or glasses!

Growing Philodendron Brasil in Water

Growing Philodendron Brasil in Water is easy and a great way to showcase the beauty of its colorful foliage on tabletops, shelves, and wall hangers in decorative vases and jars!

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Philodendron Brasil Plant

Philodendron Brasil belongs to the tropical rainforests of South America. The plant is quite popular for its vibrant leaves and does best in indirect sunlight; regular watering and warm temperatures with sufficient humidity help in keeping it happy. 

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum

Growing Philodendron Brasil in Water


Things You’ll Need:

  • Glass, Jar, or a Vase
  • Sharp knife, Scissors, or Gardening Clippers
  • Rocks or Pebbles (optional)


  • Like most Philos, you can propagate this plant from stem cuttings. Snip off 4–6 inches long stem using a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure it has 4-6 leaves.
  • Remove the bottom leaves to expose the nodes.
  • Now, place the cutting in a clean glass jar, add some decorative pebbles at the bottom, and fill the jar with fresh non-chlorinated water.
  • Make sure exposed nodes are submerged, and foliage remains above the water.
  • Place the cuttings in an area that gets bright indirect light.
  • In just 2-4 weeks you’ll see small white roots emerging from the nodes below the water.

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Philodendron Brasil Care in Water

Growing Philodendron Brasil in Water 2


Place the plant where it gets plenty of bright but indirect light for the most part of the day. Please do not keep the plant in too much shade or darkness, as it will fade its color. Also, avoid exposing the plant to harsh direct sun as it can burn the leaves.


Change the water every 5-7 days or earlier. Use lake, river, or RO water. If you are using tap water, let it sit overnight as it contains chlorine.


Use a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/4 strength, in every 3rd water change. Do not add more than 2-4 drops at once to the water. Also, avoid feeding the plant in winter.

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Taking Care of Roots

When growing the plant in water, aerial roots form offshoots as they raise the plant’s energy to absorb more nutrients. Remove the thick brown outer covering of floating aerial roots while changing the water.

Make sure that no rotten or decaying foliage fall in the water in the vase.

Where to Keep Philodendron Brasil Plant in Water?

You can keep this stunning plant on coffee tables, windowsills, or any other place of your liking in the house. Grow it in ornamental jars or vases and locate it on desks, dining tables, and tabletops for a gorgeous centerpiece.

You can also keep it in a mini propagation station or test tubes.

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