22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches

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Give your garden a quirky makeover by crafting these stunning yet Easy DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches!

If you are looking for some quick and affordable options to beautify your garden, check out these beautiful DIY Garden Decor Using Branches listed below!

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DIY Garden Decor Using Branches

1. Branch Chair

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 1

This DIY branch stool will add a rustic charm to your garden. You can make it using branches, driftwood, logs, stones, and materials naturally obtained from the garden. Get the details here.

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2. Twig House for Mini Perennials

DIY Garden Decor 2

Build a twig house to protect the mini perennials from predators. You can make one depending on the height of your plant. Details are here.

3. Make a Raised Bed Using Twigs & Branches

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 2

A fantastic garden decor that will serve as a raised bed for your herbs and microgreens as well! You can also plant colorful flowering varieties to double the charm. Learn more here.

4. Forest Arbor

DIY Garden Decor 4

Mimic this forest arbor in your garden and watch your vining plants trail beautifully across the yard. You can use this for both vegetable and ornamental varieties. Get the tutorial here.

5. Twig Wreath

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 3

Arrange some twigs from your garden and make a wreath using twine and a disk. You can also decorate it with fall leaves or pine cones as shown in the tutorial here.

6. Give a Rustic Makeover to Mini Pots

DIY Garden Decor 6

Give your mini garden pots a rustic makeover by crafting twig wraps for them. You can also paint them in your favorite colors for an added appeal. Get the details here.

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7. Add a Fun Element with this DIY Garden Witch

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 4

A garden witch made from twig pieces will add a fun element to your garden. You can use it as tabletop decor or hang it from the arbors. Details are here.

8. Twig Light

DIY Garden Decor 8

A rustic chandelier like this will make your garden a perfect spot for an evening party or enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. Get the tutorial here.

9. Cedar Wood Trunk Planter

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 5

Upcycle a cedar wood trunk to make a creative planter for the pretty flowers. Do not chop down a healthy tree for this purpose, look for the already cut pieces from your garden.

10. Twig Light Stand

DIY Garden Decor 10

Gather long twigs from the garden or split bushy branches into thin pieces to make this DIY twig light stand. It will be a beautiful and functional piece of decor for your garden.

11. Easter Egg Tree

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 6

Make your yard the center of attraction, this holiday season by crafting this stunning DIY easter egg on a dried-out plant. This will give the decor a lively look. Learn more here.

12. Plant Stand Using Branches

DIY Garden Decor 12

A DIY plant stand using branches is a clever way of saving space besides beautifying the garden. All you need is a dried tree trunk, coconut shell, and a few other essentials mentioned in the tutorial here.

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13. Best out of Waste Garden Decor Idea

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 7

Craft this DIY plant stand making the best out of waste materials such as plastic cups, glass bottles, dry branches, and string. You may also decorate it using colors as shown in the article here.

14. Garden Stick Mobile

DIY Garden Decor 16

This garden stick mobile will fill the air with a relaxing tune with every breeze. You can easily make this using a few twigs, a wooden stump, hemp cord, and bells. Details are here.

15. Dry River Front Yard Feature

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 8

Design a dry river feature in your front yard using pebbles and boulders of different sizes. You can also border the gravel passage with branch pieces to add depth to the decor.

16. Tree Trunk Succulent Planter

DIY Garden Decor 16

Do not dispose of the cut parts of the dead trees in your yard. Instead, use them to make DIY planters for the beautiful succulents.

17. Party Branch Decor

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 9

Decorate your patio with a DIY branch party decor using branches, primer, aerosol paint, urn, rocks, saw, and other supplies mentioned in the tutorial here.

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18. Twig Bench

DIY Garden Decor 18

Build a sitting bench for your yard using twigs, barn wood, and some woodworking supplies. It will help you rest after a long day in the garden. Details are here.

19. Twig and Floral Circular Swing

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 10

This DIY twig and floral swing can be a beautiful addition to your yard if you are planning for an in-house photoshoot or simply love spending time alone. Watch the tutorial here.

20. Branch Stool

DIY Garden Decor 10

Make a DIY branch stool for yourself using branches, wood blocks, a saw, and some carpentry supplies. Head on to the tutorial for details.

21. Rustic Fence Gate

22 Fantastic DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches 11

Shield your yard from the predators and unsought visitors by making this rustic fence gate collecting twigs and branches from around your garden. Details are here.

22. Outdoor Branch Chair

DIY Garden Decor 22

Recycle the tree branches of your yard to mimic this DIY outdoor chair for yourself. It will be a stylish as well as a functional addition to your yard. Learn more here.

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