10 Creative DIY Table Top Water Garden Ideas

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Want to create cool centerpieces for your home? These DIY Table Top Water Garden Ideas are quite refreshing and creative.

If you ever wanted to bring a water garden indoors but stopped due to lack of space–try these tabletop water garden ideas and have these cute miniature centerpieces for decor.

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DIY Table Top Water Garden Ideas

1. A Water Garden in Glass Cup

DIY Table Top Water Garden

A glass cup will offer a great place to grow water lettuce, water hyacinth, duckweed, and fairy moss!

2. DIY Tabletop Relaxation Fountain

DIY Table Top Water Garden 2

Check out this creative DIY to make yourself a sprawling water garden like this!

3. Water Lettuce in a Footed Glass Vase

The cylindrical vase will show off the beauty of the plant’s roots. You can also make it more attractive by using colored aquarium rocks!

4. Table Top Water Garden Pond

DIY Table Top Water Garden 3

A glass bowl, stone rocks, garden soil, stones, and chips are all you need to make this awesome garden pond! Watch the video for more details!

5. Indoor Water Garden in Glass Jar and Bowl

Grow Aubias, Bolbitis, and Marimo Moss Balls in large glass Containers to create a beautiful water garden.

6. Water Garden on the Windowsill

DIY Table Top Water Garden 3

Using glass jars of different sizes, you can grow your favorite aquatic plants, creating a water garden on the windowsill!

7. Indoor Water Feature Mini Garden

Grow the plant of your choice in a mini water fountain that’s shaped like a tree-trunk!

8. Water Garden for the Table

DIY Table Top Water Garden 4

Check out this video to make yourself a cool looking water garden!

9. Water Garden Aquarium

Using live plants and small aquarium stones you can make a tabletop water garden with a betta fish swimming around!

10. Pond in a Pot

Image Source

Using a bowl or container, you can grow giant arrowhead, elephant ear, or calla lily aquatic plants to have a fabulous mini water garden. More details here!

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