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25 Beautiful Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram

Here are some stunning Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram that you can take inspiration from to make one for tabletops!

These Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram will surely tempt you to make one for yourself! They are easy to put together and work wonderfully well in small spaces!

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Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram

1. Water Lettuce in a Glass Bowl

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2. Mini Indoor Water Feature

3. Swiss Cheese Plants in Vases

4. Plants Submerged in Water

5. Succulents in Water

6. Pair of Two Plants in Water

7. A Green Water Bowl

8. Philodendron and Pothos in Water

9. A Fabulous Indoor Water Garden

10. Mini Water Pond

11. Fish Tank Water Garden

12. Anthurium in Vases

13. Java Fern in Glass Jars

14. Water Garden on a Windowsill

15. Lighted Fish Tank Water Garden

16. Water Garden in Tea Cups and Glasses

17. Shelf Top Water Garden

18. Water Garden in a Patio Bowl

19. Desktop Water Garden by the Window

20. Moss Ball in a Bowl

21. Indoor Water Feature with a Light Pole

22. A Large Indoor Water Garden

23. Tall and Slender Water Garden

24. Tabletop Water Garden

25. Water Lily by a Sunny Window


  1. With Indoor Garden Ideas for Small Spaces, gardeners can enjoy the benefits of living in a vibrant home that acts as an oasis all year round.


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