28 Creative DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

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After all these pandemic days, everyone is willing to spend more time outdoors in summer. If you are wondering the same–Why not try these DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas.

Check out these DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas one by one to determine which one would be best for you. Even if you don’t own a spacious backyard, there are many fountain projects in this article that will work just fine in small gardens, patios, balconies, and rooftops.

Have a look at the best DIY container fountain ideas here

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

1. Outdoor Water Wall Privacy Screen

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

This water feature not only looks good but also acts as a privacy screen for a patio. It is made using wood panels, tempered glass, a pump, and other supplies.

2. Clay Pot Fountain

Some sturdy clay pots, a fountain pump, rocks, and few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

3. Galvanized Water Jug Water Feature

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 2

These galvanized watering cans make for a sweet-looking water feature in your garden. They are also cheap and easy to make.

4. DIY Glass Water Wall

A glass table was recycled to create this water fountain. You’ll have to visit Central Texas Gardener to read the story behind this interesting DIY and how to do this.

5. Japanese Style Bamboo Water Feature

This is a great project to have a different yet interesting mini water feature in your garden. Details are here.

6. Wheelbarrow Water Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 3

An old wheelbarrow, some pebbles, rocks, and a water pump are all you need for this DIY.

7. Fountain in a Pot

This mini fountain in a pot is great for small gardens and looks cute with flowers.

8. Disappearing Water Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 4

This small water feature gives a spray and sound of water without taking much space and having an actual pond. It can create a pretty cool visual effect! Details are here.

9. Outdoor Water Feature

All you need is a cast-off watering can, bench, water pump, and a few other items for this DIY.

10. Terra Cotta Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 5

Get large Terra Cotta planters from the local garden center and make this awesome fountain. Details are here.

11. Water Feature with Old Booze Bottles

If you have waste booze bottles and a pallet board at your home, then you can put them to creative use and make a spectacular water fountain!

12. Wine Barrel and Bottle Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 6

DIY projects can be a lot of fun if you do them creatively. A wine barrel and a bottle are all you need for this one!

13. Tiered Water Fountain

With the help of PVC pots, a water pump, and an epoxy putty, you can make this water fountain easily.

14. Beautiful Fountain at Home Using Cement

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 7

Watch this video to make a beautiful fountain at home using just the cement!

15. Simple Garden Waterfall Aquarium

This video will guide you in detail into making one of the best waterfall aquariums for your home garden.

16. Waterfall Fountain using Bricks and LED

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 8

A simple and creative rustic fountain, you need some bricks and LED lights for this. Watch the video here for details.

17. Terracotta Water Feature for the Garden

Using terracotta clay saucers and pots, you can make an eye-catching water feature for the garden.

18. Solar Powered Birdbath Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 9

Some flat rocks, cement, a small statue, a solar-powered fountain pump, and few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

19. Vintage Water Pump Fountain

Get a vintage pump from antique stores or try second-hand stuff selling websites to make this fountain.

20. Cast Concrete Fountains

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas 10

Here are all the details to make this fabulous fountain for your garden or patio.

21. Tea Pot Fountain

Click here to make this space-saving fountain that will look great in small yards.

22. Waterfall from a Toilet Bowl

Watch this video to make a weird and whacky waterfall using a toilet bowl and a pair of jeans!

23. Halloween Pumpkin Fountain

You will need a carved Jack-o-Lantern, water-tight vessel, water pump, and other supplies to make this waterfall. Detials are here.

24. A Vintage Car Fountain

If you have a big yard, you can salvage a vintage car to make an awesome fountain.

25. Metal Water Fountain

Want to create a rustic water fountain like this? View the step-by-step DIY at Rustic & Refined.

26. Stacked Stone Fountain

Isn’t it incredible? You’ll have to go to The Instructables to see how the technical editor of “This Old House,” Mark Powers completed this project.

27. Low-Maintenance Water Feature

This low maintenance water feature might take time to complete, but it will last for years to come!

28. Bamboo Water Feature

This bamboo water fountain is excellent for balcony and patio gardeners. Visit Saf Affect to see the DIY!

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