16 Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs+How to Make it

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If you are someone who likes simplicity and loves minimalism then you’ll fall in love with these Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs!

For people living in Nordic countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland, simplicity works the best. A Scandinavian Design generally includes the best amalgamation of decluttered space, modern furniture, bright colors, optimum natural light, and cozy textiles. For an urban apartment, these Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs can be a welcoming change!

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Key Elements of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs

Scandinavian design principles are popular across the world, and a visit to the IKEA website or its closest store near you can give you the idea behind the inspiration of their products.

#1. The sunkissed space, and a view to match. All this makes for a perfect Scandinavian balcony.

Image Source

#2. With a minimalistic design, which entails creating a cozy space with plants, and a magazine holder.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 2
Image Source

#3. A clutter-free design embraces beauty with the functionality of light bulbs on the railings and an earthly light of the lantern.

Scandinavian Balcony Gardens 3

#4. A neutral color pallet is what the Scandinavian design is about, made colorful with plants, and rug. A trellis for vertical gardening and a plant shelf makes the space more interesting.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 3
Image Source

#5. Natural Lighting makes the small space feel bigger and brighter. The accent of maroon and beige on the buildings adds to the view.

Scandinavian Balcony Gardens 4
Image Source

#6. Clean lines are a leading source of inspiration in Scandinavian design. Minimal detailing with colorful rugs and a city view to match.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 4#7. A classic Scandinavian design showcases the love for black & white and of course chevron patterns.

Image Source

#8. Minimalist balcony vegetable garden Scandinavian style that you can imitate too.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 5
Image Source

#9. The Scandinavian design follows the ‘less is more’ approach and it is clearly evident with the design of this balcony, where the space left relatively sparse.

#10. Clever use of vertical space and modern furniture with warm carpet.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 6

#11. Limited accessories and not using so many colors is one of the key principles behind the Scandinavian design.

#12. Balcony railings are sleek and simple that makes the space look open and bigger.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 7

#13. What is unassailable about any Scandinavian balcony garden is the charming street view of Northern Europe.

#14. A romantic balcony set up for the evening with string lights, candles, champagne, and a comfortable sitting arrangement.

Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs 8

#15. A Scandinavian balcony is a functional extension of the home where you can sit and relax.

#16. The decluttered arrangement, cozy texture, openness, and bright colors are most desirable in the interiors of Nordic countries.

If you are someone who likes simplicity and loves minimalism then you'll fall in love with these Scandinavian Balcony Garden Designs!

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