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How to Improve Privacy of Rooftop Garden | Rooftop Garden Ideas

Want to improve the privacy of your rooftop garden? See how these helpful ideas can help you.

One of the main advantages of having a rooftop or terrace is that you have a wide view from all sides but in some cases, this advantage becomes a disadvantage, if your rooftop is exposed to the view of all the nosy neighbors or you have a bad view from there. In that case, applying one of these ideas is the solution.

Rooftop Garden Privacy Ideas

1. Bamboo Mat

bamboo mat

Use the bamboo mat to cover the terrace for privacy quickly and easily. Bamboo mats look so natural and ideal for a garden-like setting on a rooftop.

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2. Construct Tall Walls

terrace garden privacy ideas

Construct walls that are 6 feet high to protect your terrace garden from prying eyes. This will also save you from a bad view.

3. Grow Small Trees & Large Shrubs
terrace garden privacy ideas (2)

You can grow small trees and large shrubs on your rooftop garden to hide it from neighbors.

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4. Plant Bamboos

terrace garden privacy ideas (3)

Bamboos are a great way to cover a balcony or terrace for privacy. They grow quickly and are low maintenance.

5. Cover with Wooden Planks

terrace garden privacy ideas (4)

Cover your terrace garden with wood to give it an amazing modern look.

6. Grow Hedging Plants


You can grow hedging plants all around your roof terrace to hide its view for others for privacy.

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7. Artificial Hedging

artificial hedging

Busy person? Artificial hedging is the solution.

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8. Fabric

private roof garden

Covering a rooftop with a fabric is a maintenance-free solution that you can opt for.


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