Balcony Privacy Ideas

Are you concerned about the privacy of your balcony? If yes, then these Balcony Privacy Ideas would be helpful for you.


balcony privacyA Balcony can be covered with a bamboo mat, this not only protects against uninvited views, the sun and the wind but also gives a rustic look to the arrangement.


balcony privacy screen (1)_miniThe frame is filling the open space – can there be any thing simpler? Grilled frame painted in sophisticated color and placed at the corner of the balcony; it can also be used as a trellis, good support for vines and climbers.


balcony privacy screen (3)_miniThe natural way to cover an ugly wall of the terrace and the unsightly view is to grow a lot of climbers.


balcony privacy ideas (11)_miniGrow shrubs and tall plants to cover the site of your balcony you find displeasing.


balcony privacy ideas (9)_miniRailings for balconies can be covered by the mats of synthetic fabrics – durable and easy to clean. Interesting effects can also be achieved by using these colorful mats.


balcony privacy ideas (4)_miniBalconies and terraces with southern exposure require care from sun in summer. For this, you can drape decorative fabric on the front.


balcony privacy ideas (2)On this balcony, bamboo mats are tied on the front of a railing and beautiful conifers kept in the corner to cover the wall.


balcony privacy ideas (3)_miniAs you can see this is a small balcony and the plants are planted in pots on the corner and front of the railings to cover the views from outside. *Plants are natural and cheapest tools for balcony privacy.

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