22 DIY Frog House Ideas to Kill Pests Naturally

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DIY Frog House Ideas to kill pests = best natural pest control for your garden, so create a frog-friendly haven with these DIYs!

DIY Frog House 1

Imagine having your pest-fighting squad in your backyard – that’s what DIY Frog House Ideas are all about! In this article, we’re spilling all the cool secrets about making these froggy homes!

What Does it Mean When a Frog Visits You?

Why You Need a Frog House 

Having a frog house in your garden is a fantastic idea! These little amphibians are like your natural pest control team, gobbling up all the annoying insects that bother your plants.

They love munching on mosquitoes, flies, and even those pesky garden pests that damage your flowers and veggies. By providing a cozy home for frogs, you’re inviting them to stay and protect your garden from these unwanted visitors.

Build that frog house – your garden will thank you, and the frogs will happily repay you by keeping those annoying pests at bay!

DIY Frog House Ideas to Kill Pests Naturally

1. DIY Frog House

DIY Frog House Ideas to Kill Pests Naturally

Want to build a DIY frog hotel where these beautiful creatures can hang out? All you need is a terra cotta pot, pipes, and some rocks. Check out the DIY here.

2. Frog House from Old Bricks and Slabs

Frog House from Old Bricks and Slabs

Looking for something sturdy? Here’s a garden project that we know the frogs in your backyard will love. Look at the DIY here.

3. Frog Habitat for Spring Garden

Frog Habitat for Spring Garden

Get rid of mosquitoes, bugs, slugs, and beetles by constructing this quick and easy frog habitat, perfect for big and small gardens. Follow this DIY.

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4. Frog and Toad House Idea

DIY Frog and Toad House Idea

With a clay pot and some garden tools, you, too, can create such a house for garden frogs and toads in your backyard. Tutorial here.

5. Broken Clay Pot House

Broken Clay Pot House for frog

Here’s another DIY to help you create a humble abode for a frog. Just pick the best spot and lay a clay pot on its side, creating a natural dark hollow where the frog can live. Details here.

6. Frog Hotel

DIY Frog House 4

Take a look at this frog hotel! This will surely help attract a ton of frogs who’ll get rid of all the pests naturally. It’s easy and cheap and only uses bamboo and PVC pipes.

7. Frog and Toad House for Garden

Frog and Toad House for Garden

Want to learn how to make a garden house where frogs and toads can live? Check out this DIY, and you’ll have it in just 4 steps.

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8. DIY Frog Habitat

beautiful DIY Frog Habitat

With slabs, pebbles, pots, and pipes, your garden will be the favorite place for all the cute frogs to hang out. Follow this DIY to learn how.

9. Broken Clay Pot Frog House

diy Broken Clay Pot Frog House

Here’s a DIY your kids would love! Follow this DIY and learn how you can turn a broken pot and craft paint into a beautiful house for frogs in your garden.

10. PVC Pipe Frog Hotel

DIY PVC Pipe Frog Hotel

You don’t need any pots for this DIY frog hotel. Just take PVC pipes of different sizes and get building! Here’s how to do it.

11. Wooden Logs Frog House

diy Wooden Logs Frog House

Pick the perfect spot. Check the soil. Place the plastic pot along with some finishing touches. It’s really that simple. Check it out here.

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12. Milk Jug Frog House

diy Milk Jug Frog House

Looking for a house with a bit more style for your amphibian friends? Here’s a beautiful frog house you can make from a milk jug. DIY here.

13. Pixie Tower for Frogs

diy Pixie Tower for Frogs

Here’s a detailed DIY to help you create a beautiful lawn centerpiece that doubles as a frog house to kill pests.

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14. Frog Hotel in a Pot

DIY Frog Hotel in a Pot

You don’t have to compromise lawn space for a frog house. Follow this DIY to learn how to make one in a pot using PVC pipes.

15. Bedazzled Toad House from Flower Pot

Bedazzled Toad House from Flower Pot

Use an old flower pot and adorn it with beautiful stones, making this lovely house that frogs would jump to live in! DIY here.

16. Stone Toad Hole

DIY Frog Stone Toad Hole 12

Don’t look for new materials. Just choose a spot and use rocks to build a stone toad hole for the froggy friends in the garden. Here’s how to do it.

17. Frog Tunnel from Bark

Frog Tunnel from Bark

Have slug problems? Construct this frog tunnel from moss, bark, and pieces of wood and turn the tide against them. Learn how to make it here.

18. Terra Cotta Pot Toad House

DIY Frog Terra Cotta Pot Toad House 13

Grab some mosaic tiles and sea shells to adorn a terra cotta pot and turn it into a pretty frog house for your garden or backyard. Check it out here.

19. Mini Frog Hotel

Mini Frog Hotel

Follow this quick and easy DIY guide to learn how to make a magnificent frog house using PCV pipes and stones. Add a small bucket to the list, too.

20. Frog House on the Fence

Frog House on the Fence

Take inspiration from this TikTok star and build a beautiful DIY frog house on the fence that doubles as lawn decor. More details here.

21. Easy Frog Hotel and Pond Feature

Easy Frog Hotel and Pond Feature

Here’s a video tutorial that you can watch if you want to create a beautiful frog hotel with a small pond in one garden feature. Certainly looks better than any fountain.

22. Treefrog House for Kids

DIY Frog Treefrog House for Kids

Check out this DIY frog house idea to keep your kids occupied for the weekend. All you need is a PVC pipe and some markers.

Bonus: DIY Frog Pond

DIY Frog Pond

Want to make sure that the frogs never want to leave your garden and keep killing all the pests? Build this DIY frog pond!

There you have it, folks! Building frog houses not only helps us get rid of annoying bugs but also creates a happy home for our froggy friends. It’s like having our very own pest-fighting superheroes right in our backyard! So, grab those pots and pipes, and let’s make a cozy space for frogs to thrive.

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