45 Best Homemade DIY Bird Bath Ideas

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These DIY Bird Bath Ideas are all you need to create a splendid birdbath for your feathered friends in your garden or yard.

If the birds visit your garden or balcony often, you can also try one of these DIY Bird Bath Ideas! They are easy to make and are also easy on the pocket!

Here’s how to make a hanging bird water feeder easily!

Awesome DIY Bird Bath Ideas

1. Garden Planter and Bird Bath

This bird bath idea is a way to attract bird to your garden while growing plants in this stacked pots planter. Learn how to make it here.

2. Easy Bird Bath

Looking for a very easy way to make a birdbath? All you need is a few garden items to make one like this!

3. Flower Pot Bird Bath

Glue the terracotta pots the way it is shown in the above picture and follow this step-by-step tutorial. Also, check out these terracotta pot hacks.

4. DIY Solar Powered Bird Bath

Look how a large garbage can and three five-gallon buckets were used to make this solar-powered birdbath. The list of supplies includes things that you most probably have lying in your garage.

5. DIY Leaf Bird Bath

Choose a large leaf from your backyard and use it as a mold to shape this DIY bird bath. You’ll need play sand, contractor’s sand, portland cement, and concrete fortifier.

6. DIY Bird Bath

Thrust four twigs in the ground and place a bowl of any material on the top to complete this DIY. Choose a little shady spot to give the bird bath a friendly environment.

7. DIY Fruit Bowl Bird Bath

Upcycle a fruit bowl to convert it into a practical bird bath for your garden. The complete list of supplies and the tutorial is available here.

8. Serving Bowl Bird Bath

Set an exciting bird feature in your garden by using a serving bowl and table leg. Home Jelly has the full tutorial.

9. Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Combine an old tomato cage with a terracotta saucer to make an inexpensive bird bath for your backyard. Visit My Life Abundant to know more. Find much more exciting tomato cage uses here.

10. Stepladder Bird Bath

Use a terracotta saucer and pebbles to model a budget-friendly bird bath. To give your homemade bird bath the desired height, you can upcycle an old ladder.

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11. DIY Bird Bath

Find a large vintage pot and stack an old and attractive dish on its opening to imitate this DIY bird bath idea above. We found the idea here.

12. Mosaic Bird Bath

If you have a cluster of CDs lying unused since ages, this is the right way to use them! Break the CDs in undefined pieces and stick them to a dish plate or old bird bath to give them a shiny makeover. One of the coolest DIY bird bath ideas courtesy available on Little Things. Find more mosaic craft ideas here.

13. Pumpkin Bird Feeder And Bath

Make the best use of pumpkin and gourd apart from cooking by DIYing this completely natural bird feeder and bath project. It’s easy and equally efficient as any other DIY bird bath project in this list.

14 Concrete Bird Bath

You’ll need a plastic saucer, plant tray, and a concrete form tube to act as the molds for the formation of your new bird bath. Once you arrange all these items, follow this tutorial.

15. Sink Bird Bath

If you’re looking for a weird but effective way to make use of a salvaged sink, this is probably the right choice! Attach the sink to a straight tree with PVC pipe as the base to lift it from the ground. Visit HGTV for more information. Also, check out these bizarre DIY ideas with bathroom items.

16. DIY Bird Pool

Unlike any other bird bath DIY, this project provides much more space to your feathered friends for floating and having some fun. Since it’s wide, it can attract numerous birds at once. Understand how it is made here.

17. Tree Stump Bird Bath

Diy bird bath ideas

Let the birds soothe themselves in the hot summer by converting a tree stump into a bird bath station. You can visit HGTV to know more about this idea. Check out more tree stump ideas here.

18. Bird Bath Park

Let’s make the most favorite spot for all the birds in town by making this DIY bird bath park. Get the directions here.

19. Colorful Bird Bath

Make a bird bath that is most colorful and luxurious one for all your special bird friends. Click here for the tutorial.

20. Plant Stand Bird Bath

Surely, one of the easiest DIY bird bath ideas in this list. Get a plant stand, put a plant in its bottom and a water tray or saucer on the top. The steps in this DIY article will make it easier.

21. DIY Bird Bath Drip

Diy bird bath ideas

This easy DIY bird bath drip can become the best summer bird-friendly feature in your yard. Learn how to make it here.

22. DIY Hanging Bird Bath

This DIY hanging bird bath is good for a less windy spot of your garden, where birds visit often. Head over to birds & blooms for the tutorial.

23. Plastic Bottle Bird Bath Dipper

As birds love moving water, create a bird bath dipper out of a plastic jug or bottle. All the steps are here.

24. Bird Bath Fountain

This bird bath fountain can be the next water feature in your garden. Get inspiration from here.

25. Lamp Bird Bath

This blogger turned an old lamp into a bird bath for her garden, learn how she did it here.

26. Bird Bath Benefits

This post talks about the benefits of having a bird bath, honeybees too like the source of water.

27. DIY Lamp Bird Bath

Another lamp bird bath project to get inspired from. We found the idea here.

28. DIY Bird Bath with Planter

A planter that works as a bird bath as well. It’s easy to make if you’ll take help of this DIY article.

29. DIY Succulent Bird Bath Garden

diy bird bath garden

One of the coolest DIY bird bath ideas in our list. It’s not a bird bath but a bird style succulent garden. Learn how to make it at A Cultivated Nest.

30. Hummingbird Mister DIY Bird Bath

If you love hummingbirds, try this DIY bird bath project to give them a chance to play and bathe in your garden.

31.  DIY Bird Bath and Stand

This bird bath project is super easy. Stack the bricks to create a bird bath stand like this and place a clay saucer on it to fill the water. Learn more here.

32. DIY Water Fountain+Bird Bath

Diy bird bath ideas

Got an old tree stump? Use it to create this spectacular water fountain+bird bath with the help of this DIY post.

33. Steel Bowl Bird Bath

Make a stainless steel bowl bird bath by placing the bowl on a larger bowl or dish surrounded by annuals. We found the idea here.

34. Creative Bird Bath

Diy bird bath ideas

Check out this Garden Therapy tutorial to learn how to make this creative bird bath. The step by step is available at the Garden Therapy!

35. Baking Pan Hummingbird Bird Bath

These DIY Bird Bath Ideas are all you need to create a splendid bird bath for your feathered friends in your garden or yard.

This solar-powered hummingbird bird bath is made using two baking pans. Everything in detail is available on Instructables.

36. Garbage Can Birdbath

This garbage can birdbath is a great way to use an empty one into making a beautiful addition to your yard.

37. Bitty Bird Bath

A couple of dishes like a bowl and a small candy dish or custard cup is all you need along with few other supplies for this one.

38. Birdbath Bling

This tall birdbath is great for large gardens and also makes for quite a good looking corner or centerpiece!

39. Succulents Planter Bird Bath

This succulent planter works as an excellent birdbath while looking all so great! Details are here.

40. Tea Pot Bird Bath

This teapot birdbath is best for small gardens and is also very easy to make! Click here for details.

41. Solar Fountain Hummingbird Bath

If you love hummingbirds and this birdbath is a great way to attract them more to your garden.

42. Lamp Birdbath

All you need is a chip dip tray, a can of hammered spray paint and a lampshade for this one.

43. Birdbath From an Old Tree Stump

If you like rustic additions in your garden, then this birdbath is surely for you! Click here for all the details.

44. A Solar Birdbath

A large planter, solar water pump and few other supplies will help you to make this beautiful birdbath in no time!

45. Terra Cotta Pots Mini Birdbath

You can easily make this with two terra cotta pots and a saucer, glue, and some spray paint. Details are here.



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