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These DIY Fake Plants projects are easy to follow and complete, they can contribute a lot to your home decorations!

1. DIY Crochet Cactus

DIY Crochet Cactus

This so adorable crochet cactus is maybe the most interesting DIY artificial plant project in this post. The pattern and directions are here!

2. DIY Cactus with Pool Noodles

DIY Cactus with Pool Noodles

Another DIY fake cactus project–make this giant cactus using pool noodles, foam sealant, paint, knife, a terracotta pot, and other craft materials. This can be a bit time-consuming and complex for beginners. See the steps here.

3. Felt Cactus Craft

Cut out cacti shapes on felt sheets, fill them with polyfill and plant them in mini terracotta pots using hot glue. This tutorial has everything in detail.

4. DIY Faux Succulents

Check out this video tutorial to learn the steps to create a variety of fake succulents for your indoor decoration. The supplies are basic, and you might already have them in your home!

5. DIY Fake Leaves

DIY Fake Leaves

Get some wires, cotton cloth, and glue and DIY these fake leaves to add artificial greenery to your space. Find the tutorial here.

6. DIY Pebble Cactus

DIY Pebble Cactus

Get some oval and oblong shape pebbles of different sizes and paint them like a cactus. Once done, arrange them in a container with tiny gravels and sand. It can be a cute centerpiece. Watch the tutorial video here.

7. Needle Felted Cactus

If you know the basics of needle felting, you must consider this cute cactus DIY. Watch it here.

8. Swiss Cheese Plant

In a pot with foam and gravel, assemble these paper crafted leaves of a cheese plant. Follow the detailed How-to here.

9. Paper Heart Leaf Philodendron

Almost all fake leaf projects require a wire, scissors, and paper for completion and so does this. Cut out heart leaf on paper and support them with wire to work as the stems!

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Get your kids busy helping you with this DIY, an exciting and unique idea to do this weekend. Grab simple craft supplies proposed in this post here.

11. Paper Snake Plant

DIY fake plants

Create this real looking snake plant using weight paper, foam ball, floral wire, fake moss, and a terra cotta pot. Display a bunch of these in your craft room, kid’s room or anywhere you want to add an artistic touch.

12. DIY Clay Cactus

Distinctive from other projects in this DIY fake plants list in a fun way! The cacti you see above is made using polymer clay and not paper or felt! Add small details to your cactus using clay tools and this tutorial.

13. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant

Cut out dissimilar circles out of a green paper and carefully create the veins from the center using paint. Hot glue the leaves to a stem of floral wire to plant them in a pot. Get the detailed version here.

14. Crepe Paper Fiddle Leaf Fig

how to make fake plants 27 projects

Grab crepe papers in different shades of green and get doing this DIY. You can even ask your kids to assist you; this will broaden their creativity!

15.  DIY Paper Plant

This watermelon peperomia looks so captivating! Make it up using some common craft materials following this tutorial.

16. Paper Cactus And Grasses

There are so many innovative ways to create faux cacti at home. One such inspiring idea is this DIY. Also, this post has a bonus idea of creating grass from paper.

17. Paper Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair fern is a pretty houseplant, how about making its paper version. Check out this DIY tutorial for steps.

18. DIY Paper Monstera Leaves

DIY Paper Monstera Leaves

This paper monstera leaves idea can change the impression of your home decor. Making them is easy, quick, and indulging so you can involve your younger ones too!

19. DIY Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus

This is interesting, learn how to decorate your paper cactus with these boxes here.

20. Tissue Paper Flower

Plant twigs in a container with pebbles and attach tissue paper flowers on them. The tutorial for How to create a tissue paper flower is here.

21. Felt Succulent Plant

If your love for succulents is immense, check out this felt succulent plant post here.

22. DIY Fake Topiary

Decorate any counter space with this faux topiary DIY, which makes use of an artificial plant. Find the directions here.

23. How to Make Paper Plants Easily

diy paper plantsIn this YouTube tutorial, learn how to make attractive DIY paper plants easily.

24. DIY Fake Cactus

Create a dimensional version of cacti. It can be a cute gift and great indoor decor piece. The tutorial is here!

25. DIY Mini Plant Made from a Soda Bottle

DIY Mini Plant Made from a Soda BottleMake a mini plant and its holder out of a soda bottle. Watch the tutorial video here!

26. DIY Faux Plant

DIY Faux Plant

Here’s a nice rustic way to dress up your faux plants. Wrap them in burlap. How? The steps are here!

27. Paper Succulents in Aged Pots

Paper Succulents in Aged Pots

Go to Craftberry Bush to learn how to make these paper succulents. Plant in aged terracotta pots and they’ll look interesting.

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