31 DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

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These DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas will accentuate your yard, adding an extraordinary appeal to the place!

Mimic these DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas in your yard to prevent excess water runoff and soil erosion, besides adding depth to the terrain!

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DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

1. Dry Blue StreamDIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

Using pebbles, create a dry blue stream in the yard, and line the curve with filter fabric to highlight the borders. Detailed steps are here.

2. Rain GardenDIY rain garden Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

Turn the water of excessive rainfalls to use by creating a gorgeous dry creek bed and stone pond. Here is the DIY tutorial.

3. Fountain of Stonestop DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

Create an amazing rock fountain to give your yard a makeover with this DIY tutorial here.

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4. Stone Pathbest DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

A neat and effortless DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Idea is making a beautiful stone path with flower beds. Learn how to do it here.

5. Creek FenceDIY Riverbed Landscaping Ideas

Why waste the area where the lawn meets the fence? Replace it with a dry creek bed like this DIY and add amazing beauty to your home.

6. Wooden Bridge and Pathwaydry river Wooden Bridge and Pathway

Check out this unique DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Idea of adding a bridge with a stone pathway and small rocks complementing the large stones.

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7. Metal Fish SignsMetal Fish Signs in dry river

Why limit the dry creek bed to rocks and plants when you can add metal fish signs like this DIY or even figurines and gnomes?

8. Creek for Rainfalltop Creek for Rainfall

Create a dry creek with this DIY by digging a trench of stones for beauty and functionality to take the rainwater away from your home.

9. DIY Dry Creek BedDIY Dry Creek Bed

Follow this DIY to create a stunning dry creek bed on a slope that will turn your home into the most amazing one on the block.

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10. A Lit-Up Modern CreekA Lit-Up Modern Creek

Add a flair to your dry rock creek by adding floating colored glass balls to make it stand out. Learn how to DIY here.

11. Colored GlassColored Glass in dry river

Here is one of the best DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas that utilizes colored stones or glass pieces to create a border on the flower bed.

12. Dry Pond and BridgeDry Pond and Bridge

Follow this DIY to create an amazing dry creek bed using dark mulch, stones, and a small wooden bridge to add to the beauty.

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13. Concrete Garden BallsConcrete Garden Balls in garden

Get amazing and elegant concrete garden balls to line a stone path and witness how they multiply the beauty. Here is the DIY tutorial.

14. Rocks Around the HouseRocks Around the House in river bed

Create a stunning and cool dry creek river bed by surrounding your home with stones to help filter the water away and add amazing beauty. Here is the DIY tutorial.

15. Stacked StonesStacked Stones

Want something done quickly that gathers everyone’s attention? Here is a DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Idea that stacks jagged stones over drains for an amazing yet functional look.

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16. Dark Stones Dry Creek IdeaDark Stones Dry Creek Idea

Another great dry creek bed idea is adding some contrast to the bright foliage using dark stones to line the bed. Check it out here.

17. Stone PondStone Pond in dry riverbed

A stunning idea of a small pond lined with stones on either side, perfect to uplift any home. Check out the DIY here.

18. Colored RocksColored Rocks in dry river bed

Add a touch of fun to the rocks in the dry creek by giving them an awesome painted makeover. Here is the DIY.

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19. DriftwoodDriftwood in dry river bed

Here is an amazing DIY to take the dry riverbed landscape over the top using stones, gravel, and, most essentially, Driftwood.

20. Dry Creek Drainage CanalDry Creek Drainage Canal

Here is another of the best DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas to set up a cute and creative drainage canal.

21. Rock BridgeRock Bridge in dry river bed

Create an amazing rock bridge with this DIY idea to make a dry creek bed to turn it into a definite eye-catcher.

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22. Stone Flower Beddry Stone Flower Bed

Add a border of stones to your flower beds and see how the dry creek bed enhances its beauty. Here is the DIY tutorial.

23. Dry RiverDry River in garden

With some cool perennials and a dry creek river bed, this DIY idea is surely one you need to try. Learn how to DIY here.

24. Dry Creek with BridgeDry Creek with Bridge

Here is another amazing DIY landscaping idea to create a wonderful dry creek with a stone bridge, so your yard looks like it came out of a Disney film.

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25. Dry Creek of Stones and PebblesDry Creek of Stones and Pebbles

Try out one of the best DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas that uses pebbles instead of small stones for the dry creek and lines it up with amazing plants. Here is the DIY.

26. Dry StreamDry Stream in river bed

Follow this DIY for an amazing landscaping idea to create a curved dry stream.

27. Dry Creek Bed with Shrubs

Dry Creek Bed with Shrubs

Create a beautiful dry creek bed complemented with dark soil and amazing shrubs planted on top of it. Here is the DIY.

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28. Japanese Dry Creek BedJapanese Dry Creek Bed

Here is an amazing dry creek bed you can make with medium-sized flat rocks. Check out the DIY here.

29. DIY Dry Creek with StatuesDIY Dry Creek with Statues

A beautiful dry creek bed with plants and statues to uplift your garden! Check out how to make it here.

30. Large Stones Dry CreekLarge Stones Dry Creek  in dry river bed

Make a beautiful dry creek with large stones near the side of the front yard to turn it into a work of art. Here is the DIY tutorial.

31. White and Black Dry Creek BedWhite and Black Dry Creek Bed

Check out this stunning DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Idea made out of white stones and dark mulch for the perfect contrast of black and white.

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