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17 Most Beautiful Types of Campanula | Best Bellflowers

Want to know about the Best Bellflowers? We have included the Most Beautiful Types of Campanula for you!

If you want to add a burst of colors to your garden, then Bellflowers are the best! Here are the Most Beautiful Types of Campanula you must definitely check out!

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Most Beautiful Types of Campanula

1. Korean Bellflower

Types of Campanula

Botanical Name: Campanula takesimana ‘Elizabeth’

It displays long dusky-pink blooms that grow in a low-spreading mound with heart-shaped deep green leaves on upright stems. It blooms from mid-summer to early fall.

2. Chimney Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula pyramidalis

The elegant, tall stems bear plenty of blooms from late spring to summer. Make sure it gets a minimum of 3-4 hours of direct sunlight daily for the best flowers.

3. Dalmatian Bellflower

Types of Campanula 2

Botanical Name: Campanula portenschlagiana

This popular mat-forming campanula cultivar can be seen easily in the smallest wall crevices. It looks great in rock gardens or while cascading over garden walls.

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4. Milky Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula lactiflora ‘Loddon Anna’

The plant blooms clusters of lavender-pink star-like flowers. It looks best along the borders of the garden, where it takes a nice bushy appearance.

5. Peach-Leaved Bellflower

Types of Campanula 4

Botanical Name: Campanula persicifolia ‘Alba’

This classic peach-color bellflower has pure white flowers on sturdy stems that spread through rhizomes to make large clumps. It does best in sunny borders.

6. Clustered Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula glomerata ‘Superba’

If you are a fan of dark-colored flowers, then this should be your pick. It produces clusters of deep purple blooms on tall stems from spring to summer.

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7. Serbian Bellflower

Types of Campanula 10

Botanical Name: Campanula poscharskyana

The purple-blue star-like flowers of this plant come in clusters, which give it a lovely appearance. It also works as a great ground cover.

8. Giant Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula latifolia

Unlike the name, the flowers of the plant are medium-sized and come in an alluring shade of blue-purple. For best growth, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

9. Tussock Bellflower

Types of Campanula 25

Botanical Name: Campanula carpatica

This variety belongs to Japan and Siberia and features large, deep purple-blue blooms above a mounded clump of semi-evergreen leaves.

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10. Scottish Bluebell

Botanical Name: Campanula rotundifolia

Campanula rotundifolia is a creeping perennial that flourishes on dry, poor soil. It blooms from mid-summer to early fall and is loved by pollinators.

11. Sarastro Bellflower

Types of Campanula 35

Botanical Name: Campanula ‘Sarastro’

This medium-height hybrid has a bushy growth habit and offers dark violet, deep-fluted bellflowers through late summer.

12. Milky Way Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula punctata ‘Milky Way’

This lovely cultivar exhibits a pale, almost white, lightly freckled inside double bellflower on dark maroon stems atop evergreen leaves.

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13. Elizabeth Oliver Bellflower

Types of Campanula 41

Botanical Name: Campanula cochlearifolia ‘Elizabeth Oliver’

Also known as ‘fairies thimbles,’ this variety offers tiny, blue, bell-shaped blooms. For best growth, use well-draining soil and provide plenty of dappled light.

14. Viking Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula ‘Viking’

‘Viking’ is a new hybrid and a compact spreader and grows really well along borders or in containers. The plant is not fussy about the growing medium and is also easy to maintain.

15. Canterbury Bellflower

Types of Campanula 55

Botanical Name: Campanula medium ‘Champion Pink’

The frilled, large, pale candyfloss pink double flowers look smashing, and they bloom between late spring and mid-summer.

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16. Clustered Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula glomerata ‘Caroline’

This campanula is a pale version of ‘Superba’ and has densely packed clusters of lavender blooms on tall stems. It grows best in bright and indirect light.

17. Pink Octopus Bellflower

Types of Campanula 78

Botanical Name: Campanula ‘Pink Octopus’

This exceptional variety has fine delicate open pale-pink petals on the semi-evergreen leaves. The flowers appear from early to mid-summer.

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