30 Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas

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Here are some amazing Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas to add a touch of beauty to your yard and make it stand out.

Looking for a way to transform your yard? These Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas are exactly what you need to give the outdoor space the perfect makeover and create a beautiful and sustainable desert landscape.

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Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas

1. Agave and Dracaena Flower Bed

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 1

One of the best Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas involves flower beds lined with large stones full of agave, dracaenas, and succulents.

2. A Flower Bed of Cacti and Succulents

This Flower Bed, full of cacti and succulent varieties is a definite eye-turner that will give your yard the perfect desert landscape.

3. Shrubs with a Tall Tree


Shrubs and a tall tree lining a stone pathway is a beautiful and stunning Side Yard Desert Landscaping Idea.

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4. Colorful Plants in Dark Gravel

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 4

Play with dark and light tones with this dark gravel flower bed full of big-leafed plants and a stone path.

5. Savin Junipers in Gravel


These Savin Junipers in separate gravel flower beds are an amazing desert landscaping idea.

6. Gravel Pathway Lined with Plants


Another great Side Yard Desert Landscaping Idea is a brown gravel pathway with black flower beds.

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7. Tropical Plants, Buddha Figurine, and Gravel Patio


A patio in gravel, palms, and a buddha figurine. What more could a calm desert landscape need?

8. Barrel Cacti and Plants

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 8
These barrel cacti and agave make a lovely combination for a desert landscaping idea that allures everyone.

9. Chairs, String Lights, and Large Boulders


This minimal desert landscaping idea with boulders, a string chair patio, fireplace, and string lights definitely looks like a scene out of a movie.

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10. Pots Full of Large Succulents

Add large succulent varieties to monochrome pots and see how your home lights up.

11. Barrel Cactus in a Flowerbed of Stones

Barrel cacti on a flower bed covered in stones is one of the best Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas for any home.

12. Mexican Feathergrass in Gravel

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 12
Want an effortless idea? Fill the entire gravel bed with Mexican feathergrass and witness the beauty of the desert landscape.

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13. Cactus Corner Lined with a Stone Pathway


With dense foliage and barbary fig cactus, this desert landscape idea surely wins many hearts.

14. A Flower Bed Full of Colors

Turn the yard into a stunning display of colors with this Side Yard Desert Landscaping Idea.

15. Boulders, Barrel Cacti, and Agaves

Large stones, gray-green agave foliage, and barrel cacti among boulders make a great combination for a desert landscape.

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16. Snake Plants and Cacti Flower Bed

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 16

Add a touch of color with multi-colored gravel into these layered sansevieria and cacti flower beds and see how they lift the ambiance of your yard.

17. San Pedro Cactus, Agave, and Aloe Vera Flower Bed

A large San Pedro cactus complementing agaves, aloe veras, and yellow blooms make one of the best Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas.

18. A Colorful Succulents and Cacti Landscape

These beautiful kangaroo paws and thick, fleshy agaves definitely uplift the yard with their beauty.

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19. Sand and Stone Pathway

Go for a touch of the harsh yet elegant desert with this landscaping idea that pairs sand, stones, and large boulders to pave a path in the yard.

20. A Flower Bed of Colorful Succulents

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 20

One of the most amazing Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas is planting a flower bed full of amazing colorful succulent varieties!

21. Lavender and Gravel Landscape


These lavender shrubs planted with gaps in the side yard can do no wrong.

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22. Succulents, Flowers, with Palm Trees


Palm trees, sand, succulents, and stones. These lay the foundation for any amazing desert landscaping idea.

23. Huge Planters with Succulent Varieties

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 23

Spruce up your yard with intricate and large pots full of cacti, palms, and other succulent varieties.

24. Barrel Cactus in Gravel Flower Bed


These small barrel cacti in a gravel-filled flower bed scream desert vibes to everyone who passes by.

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25. Tall Cactus and Succulents

Another great Side Yard Desert Landscaping Idea is mixing large cacti and succulent varieties to fill the flower bed.

26. A Deserty Corner

Spanish daggers and barrel cacti surrounded by gravel, what more could a better desert landscape offer?

27. Different Cacti and Agaves

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 27

These Parry’s agave, barrel cacti, shrubs, and other cacti varieties certainly uplift the desert spirit of the yard and give it an amazing look.

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28. Large Agaves and Cacti Corner

shutterstock/Katarzyna Mazurowska

This desert landscaping garden with large-sized agave and barrel cacti will turn everyone’s gaze.

29. Sand Pathway and Gravel Flower Beds

Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas 29

Gravel flower beds with stones lining the succulents and a sand pathway in the middle, the making of a mesmerizing desert landscaping idea.

30. Stones, Blooms, and Cacti


One of the best Side Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas involves a boundary of stones, a gravel-filled stone pathway, and planters full of cacti and blooms.

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