10 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Garden

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If having a beautiful yard is your biggest dream then avoid these Landscaping Mistakes When Designing a Garden to have a fantastic one!

Landscaping Mistakes When Designing a Garden are the key elements you need to avoid. To help you out, we have listed the major ones with solutions!

Landscaping Mistakes When Designing a Garden

#Mistake 1: Arranging Everything in a Single View

A beautiful tropical garden divided into sections looking mystical and large
  • Why Should You Avoid This?

When the view is blocked and you can’t see everything in one go. It creates an illusion of more space and interest.

  • What You Should Do?

If your garden is open and you have not divided it into different sections, it is going to look less interesting and small. Draw your plan in advance and divide the space of your garden within it into different sections.

You do not need to create solid divisions in your garden like a wall or fence, you can do this with large trees, shrubs that can block a certain part, grasses, or potted plants densely arranged.

#Mistake 2: Not Making a Plan

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

If you’re going to start designing a garden without a plan, you’ll not be going to get what you’ve thought or imagined in your mind.

  • What You Should Do?

Plan every aspect of your garden on paper, take the help of landscaping software, and make a list of plants you would like to grow. Do proper research and make a budget. If necessary, take the help of professionals.

#Mistake 3: Forgetting the Furniture

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

Many gardeners tend to forget about the furniture. They choose different styles that are too colorful and fancy this makes the garden look busy and without the symphony.

  • What You Should Do?

Not only the plants but also the furniture and materials you choose automatically give an atmosphere to your garden. Take great care of the type of plants and materials you will use. Remember, create harmony. Do not mix!

#Mistake 4: Avoiding the Foliage

foliage is important

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

Most of us buy plants for flowers and fruits, while completely avoiding the foliage plants. But to get a year-round interest buy more foliage plants.

  • What You Should Do?

Buy plants for their foliage–texture, color, and shape. Doing this will help you add a character and color to the landscape.

#Mistake 5: Excessive Ornamentation with So Many Garden Accessories

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

This is one of the most common garden design mistakes. Using too many decorative items in the garden creates a distraction and makes your garden look cluttered and busy.

  • What You Should Do?

Do not overdo anything and avoid adding so many decorative items. Before adding anything see how it fits with the style of your garden and outdoor space.

#Mistake 6: Forgetting the View from Inside

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

Getting a good view of the garden from the windows is important. When designing a garden don’t forget the view you’ll get from the inside.

  • What You Should Do?

Before planting or placing your containers at the exact spot, go inside and look from every window to see how it’ll look to get a good view.

#Mistake 7: Using So Many Colors


  • Why Should You Avoid This?

So many colors that are not in harmony can cause a distraction, making the garden look cluttered and unnecessarily busy.

  • What You Should Do?

Decide a color palette for every section of your garden and add plants according to it. Too many colors together can create a chaos.

 #Mistake 8: Ignoring the Seasons

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

Every garden looks beautiful in spring and summer (in winter in the tropics) but you should not forget about fall and winter.

  • What You Should Do?

Plan to grow plants with regard to the seasons for year-round interest. When you go to a nursery don’t just buy plants for the following season but get them keeping all the seasons in mind.

#Mistake 9: Growing Wrong Plants in Wrong Positions

Býflugan og blómið
  • Why Should You Avoid This?

This is the most common gardening mistake that must be avoided. Not growing the right plants in the right position will make all of your plants die eventually.

  • What You Should Do?

Grow plants that are most suitable for your climate and weather conditions. For example, plants that require full sun should be grown in a sunny position, and plants that require dry soil must not be grown in moist soggy soil.

Also, at the time of planting, give them recommended space. Don’t forget that they’ll become tall and spread once you plant them.

#Mistake 10: Using the Wrong Tools

  • Why Should You Avoid This?

Using improper tools can completely ruin the experience of gardening. It can also affect the growth of plants.

  • What You Should Do?

Always invest in good quality tools as it will not ensure safety but will also give you a nice gardening experience. A pair of good shears is a great way to keep the plants in tip-top shape without damaging them.

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  1. When I first got into landscaping, I thought I could wing it for my back yard. I had a vague plan in mind, but nothing solid. I bought a bunch of plants and brought them home only to discover that I had grossly underestimated how many plants I’d need to fill up the space. Always make a plan before you start your landscaping!

  2. Your photos are absolutely STUNNING! They make me so eager for planting this year. I have been honing my garden yearly, learning a little bit each year about what it needs to thrive. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of positioning certain plants where they will grow best.


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