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13 Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

Try these best Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens to make the best use of limited space and make it appear large and beautiful!

Do not let the small space in your yard stop you from adding a bit of appeal to the space. Here are some amazing Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens to help you out!

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Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

1. Don’t Go For a Single Path

Opting for a single path is not a good idea for long and narrow gardens—it will command the entire view and highlight the narrowness. While going for more than one path will deflect the attention.

2. Divide the Garden into Different Sections

Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

Break the garden space and make different sections. Use plants and structures for creating screens. Install trellises and pergolas, create decks, paths, and paving. This will convert a thin and long corridor into series of different areas, which will make it look more spacious.

3. Add a Water Feature

You can create a water feature in your long garden to eliminate the city sound. It will not only soften the noise but will look calm and soothing as well. You can also add a fire feature. Adding water or fire element will also work as a focal point.

4. Make Different Garden Zones for Various Uses

According to the length of your long garden, divide it into different zones. Develop the first zone for enjoying coffee and conversation, second for the sunken garden, and the third one as a screened eating or entertainment area.

5. Choose Climbers Over Hedges

Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens 2

If your narrow garden has boring walls, borders, or ugly fences, then install trellises with climbing plants. This vertical garden-like arrangement will create more growing space for plants, and your garden would look bigger.

6. Paint in Cool Shades

While planning the narrow gardens, don’t overlook the walls and fences as they are very dominant to the view. If the area is small, always go for cool and bright shades as these colors create an illusion of spaciousness.

7. Build Screen Using Plants

Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens 3

Right planting plays an important role in successful long garden ideas. Do not use solid barriers in narrow space—instead, use vertical planting and trellises. You can also utilize walls for that.

8. Use Hard Landscaping to Add Zones

Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens 4

You can add zones in long gardens by using hard landscaping. Build raised beds and seating areas that cut into the space—this will make it appear wider.

9. Use Ornamental Grasses

Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens 9

Tall arching ornamental grasses create mesmerizing effects in your narrow gardens. You can grow tall grasses like Miscanthus, Molinia, and Stipa for constructing a beautiful and strong barrier between different areas.

10. Raise a Seating Area at the End of Your Garden

Position a seating area at the end of the landscape—the height will separate the long line of view. You can also add tall shrubs to a subtle screen here.

11. Use Mirrors

To make the space look bigger and reflect light back in your long garden, mirrors are an apt choice. Install a big one on a fence or wall as a focal point and plant some foliage plants nearby to enhance the overall look.

12. Set Bright Furniture

Add an aesthetic piece of outdoor furniture like a garden bench in your garden. It will make the narrow space look really dramatic!

13. Use Curves to Break the Long Lines

A twisting pathway is a good trick to break up the narrow lines. Round and curved shapes in a long and narrow plot will make the space more natural and attractive.


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