26 DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden | Best Decoupage Terracotta Pots

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Here are some easy-to-make DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden that can make your old containers look fabulous in no time!

Check out the list of the most beautiful DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden that you can make on a budget!

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What are Decoupage Flower Pots?

Decoupage is the art of decorating things with paper cutouts. Applying it to pots is one of the cheapest ways to make them stand out without spending too much. This way, you can match the containers with flowers, succulents, variegated, and other plants, while making them look new all over again.

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden

1. Outdoor Decoupage Pot

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden

Arrange a terracotta pot, mod podge, and a cocktail tissue of your choice to craft this pretty decoupage pot. Details are here.

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2. Pages on Planter!

This planter is super classy and can be a unique addition to your study desk or bookshelf. Get the tutorial here.

3. Decoupage Terracotta Pot

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 2

This lovely terracotta pot decoupaged with decorative tissues and mod podge can be a lovely centerpiece. Learn more here.

4. Upcycled Decoupage Pot

Grab the unused cans and containers from around the house and decoupage them with colorful paper cuttings, glue, and a thin robe. Get the details here.

5. Floral Pots for Succulents

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 3

This cute and pretty decoupage pot is ideal for succulents and low-growing houseplants. Make one for yourself like this.

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6. Decoupage Pot with Napkin

Decorative napkins, mod podge, and clean clay pots are all you need to mimic this beauty for yourself. Learn more here.

7. Fabric Pot

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 10

Get the beautiful designs of your favorite fabrics imprinted on the mini planters in a few simple steps. Learn more here.

8. Decoupage Flower Pot

This pretty decoupage pot will upgrade your interior decor to the next level with its abstract artistic look. Details are here.

9. Mini DIY Flower Pots

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 12

You can easily craft these mini pots using mod podge, clay paint, and designer tissues. Get the details here.

10. Floral Fabric Pot

Get a colorful fabric of your choice and stick it around an old pot to make it look new again! Details are here.

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11. Planter Memento

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 15

This decoupage flower pot is great as a gift. Use black and white or tinted copies of photographs to create a personalized flower pot. Click here.

12. Decoupage Pot with Glitter and Gleam

Make a beautiful plant pot for the outdoor plants or gift it to your loved ones. Details are here.

13. Hand-Painted Decoupage Pot

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 16

With the help of this decoupage technique, you can complement your flower pots with beautiful patterns and drawings. Click here for details.

14. Scrapbook Decoupage Pot

It’s a beautiful mod podge craft that will add much life to your plants, whether they go indoors or outdoors! Details are here.

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15. Floral Decoupage Pot

DIY Decoupage Flower Pots for Garden 20

You’ll love the transformation from boring to fun and pretty! Here’s the DIY with all the details you need.

16. Terracotta Flower Pot

Here’s a fun DIY that you can do on the weekend to completely transform the old pots’ look!

17. Easy Decoupage Pot

Are your old pots collecting spider webs? Sounds like it’s time for some up-cycled fun! Here’s a DIY for you.

18. Scripted Succulent Planter

It’s fascinating how you can transform an old pot into a new one with some tissue paper and glue. Click here for details.

19. Decoupage With Napkins

Now is the time if you have never tried to decoupage with napkins. Gather a few garden pots, some pretty napkins, and mod podge to complete the look! Click here.

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20. Digitally Painted Decoupage Pot

All you need are some inexpensive clay pots and digital scrap supplies for this affordable project that will look great on your porch. Click here.

21. Pastel Themed Decoupage Flower Pot


Check out this quick and easy DIY to transform old terracotta pots into beautiful decoupaged ones.

22. Decoupage Pot with Floral Tissue


Brighten up any dull corner of your house with this DIY decoupaged floral pot perfect as countertops and centerpieces.

23. Colorful Decoupage Pots

Splash some colors across your garden with these colorful decoupaged flower pots designed with paint and craft papers. Details are here.

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24. Motif Printed DIY Pot

This motif-inspired flower planter is a must-have for embroidery and art admirers. Craft one for yourself like this.

25. Wallpaper Decoupage Flower Pots

Give the bland pots a pretty makeover by decoupaging them with wallpapers and mod podge. Learn more here.

26. Geometric DIY Flower Pot

Engage your kids in a fun craft by making this geometric flower pot with them in a few simple steps. Get the details here.

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  1. Just a great idea!!! Decorating is a great way to transform boring monochrome pots, of which I have many. Also, if you have a lot of flowers at home, buying beautiful pots will require a lot of money. And most importantly, I can create an original design with the overall style of my room in mind. Thank you again


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