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13 Best Strawberry Companion Plants

Complement planting enhances not only the looks but also aids in yield. Here are some of the Best Strawberry Companion Plants you can use!

Growing strawberries is rewarding when you get a fresh and organic bountiful harvest of this delicious fruit! But you can make your growing experience even better with companion plants as they directly benefit your yield, and you also get to harvest them as well! Here are some of the best Strawberry Companion Plants you can grow!

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What is Companion Planting?

Companion planting is merely growing two or more plants, next to each other, for mutual benefits. It’s a wonderful gardening strategy and improves fertility, protects from pests, and fosters pollination for optimum growth. Some of the companion planting examples are-Carrots & Rosemary, Lettuce & Chives, Tomatoes & Basil, Melon & Radishes, Peas & Fruit Trees, Nasturtiums, and Cucumbers.

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Why We Do Companion Planting?

Companion planting is a beneficial gardening form and offers benefits like:

  • Improved yield.
  • Protecting the plants from growth-inhibiting pests and insects.
  • Controlling the sudden growth of weeds near the plants.
  • Nurturing health and quality.
  • Promotes pollination, thereby improving the growth and enhancing the quality of strawberries.
  • Diversify your garden and delights it with a bright outlook with different plants.

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Best Strawberry Companion Plants

Here are the companion plants you can grow easily with strawberries:

1. Bush Beans

Beans are not only nutritious, but their nutty flavor is loved by many. Growing them with strawberries is beneficial as it attracts nitrogen-fixing bacterias to the soil. It also repels beetles that munch on the strawberries.

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2. Borage

Borage is a herb that’s used for culinary purposes, but it’s also considered one of the best companion plants for strawberries. It attracts pollinators and repels pests that can potentially harm strawberries. It is one of the best strawberry companion plants on the list!

3. Caraway

It’s another herb that benefits the strawberries by attracting Wasps and flies. They cannibalize insects that commonly munch on the fruits.

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4. Lupin

Some plants host nitrogen-fixing bacterias, and lupin being a legume, do the same. Nitrogen-rich soil is more fertile and benefits not just strawberries but any plant in the vicinity of lupin. Plus, it also attracts pollinators such as honeybees.

5. Asparagus

As you can grow both asparagus and strawberries immediately after the last frost, it makes sense to plant them together. Another advantage is that they won’t root at the same depth. Thus, it won’t put a strain on the nutrient levels of the soil. It is one of the best strawberry companion plants on the list!

6. Spinach

It’s a leafy green that’s rich in iron and various other nutrients that you must include in your diet. As spinach and strawberries root on different levels, they won’t compete for nutrients. The occurrence of diseases will also reduce due to the antifungal and antibacterial nature of spinach.

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7. Sage

Growing sage with strawberries is a good idea as both nurture well together. Also, sage protects the companion plant from different harmful and growth-inhibiting pests.

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8. Onions

Belonging to the allium family onion is grown for both it’s leafy top and bulbs. Its pungent smell discourages pests, thus helping your strawberries in growth. Harvesting fresh onions is also an added advantage! It is one of the best strawberry companion plants on the list!

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9. Thyme

With many dietary, medicinal, and ornamental use, it’s a must-have herb in the garden! Even better, it does well as a companion plant to strawberries. Worms steer clear, and hoverflies are attracted to them, snacking on harmful pests such as scale, aphids, caterpillars, and thrips.

10. Marigolds

Getting to see beautiful marigold flowers, while watching strawberries ripen is a treat in itself. If that wasn’t enough, their fragrance deters pests that harm strawberries. Plus, root-knot nematodes steer clear of French marigold.

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11. Rhubarb

Rhubarb and strawberries are great companions; you can grow in your garden. Both are perennial, grow at the same time of the year, and serve numerous health benefits! It is one of the best strawberry companion plants on the list!

12. Lettuce

Gardeners love to grow lettuce with strawberries, as the leafy vegetable improves the quality of this delicious fruit. The large, wide, and lush leaves of lettuce also protect the flavorful fruits by hiding them from the sight of birds.

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13. Chives

Chives are an excellent fertilizing companion to strawberries. While you trim chives after the flowering, sprinkle the leaves around the strawberry plants, and they’re going to be an excellent mulch! The strong scent emitted by the chives also deters slugs.

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14. Dill, fennel, coriander, and mint

Growing these herbs along with strawberries aids in repelling slugs and other pests. Though don’t forget to plant aggressive herbs like mint in containers as they can quickly spread and take over a strawberry spot.

15. Garlic

Garlic is an excellent strawberry companion plant from the allium family that deters marauders from consuming juicy berries. The pungent smell of garlic keeps the pest away from the strawberries.

16. Catnip

Grow catnip four to six feet along your strawberry rows, as this aromatic plant emits an odor that helps in preventing aphids and cabbage loopers. These pests can damage the whole section of your strawberry patch, and you may notice it a little too late.

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