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Here are some super cool Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants that you must copy for a fantastic appeal indoors!

Have an empty vertical space indoors behind your furniture? Here are some stunning Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants ideas you can use to your advantage!

Have a look at some really nice plant wall ideas here

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants

1. Plants Galore!

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 1

A plant wall like this is a must have on a large wall. Do not forget to add some hanging lights!

2. Monsteras and Flowers

You just can’t go wrong with large leaves of monsteras and white flowers.

3. Hanging Baskets and Plants Frame

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 2

Mix and match hanging baskets of plants with a beautiful plant frame like this.

4. Plants in the Recessed Wall

Use the recessed space in the wall to your advantage by displaying different plants there.

5. Smart Plant Pockets

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 3

Use of smart plant pockets is one of the easiest ways to use the empty space on a large wall behind a couch.

6. A Towering Wall of Plants and Flowers

A tall space behind a sofa can be smartly utilized by adding multiple plants and flowers. You can also go for the faux ones.

7. Use Wooden Pentagon Shaped Frames

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 4

Add hanging wooden frames of your choice to display plants in pots on the wall behind the couch.

8. Go for a Shelf

A wooden hanging shelf is never a bad idea, especially if you have an empty wall behind the sofa!

9. A Smart Plant Wall on a Stone Wall!

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 5

A plant wall on a stone wall is a great contrasting combo you simply cannot miss.

10. Matching Shelf with Pots

A line of white shelves with matching white pots will look great with foliage plants.

11. Hanging Wooden Frames and Pots

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 6

A wooden texture wall behind the sofa is a cool place to hang frames made of woods along with pots to display plants.

12. Vine it Up!

Vining plants like pothos is a great choice to make use of the empty space in the wall in the smartest way possible.

13. Greenery All AroundWall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 7

An empty space behind the sofa can be using to grow a tall plant that can be matched with other foliage plants.

14. Vertical Slats of Shelves

A vertical slat of shelves like this is a cool way to display plants on a wall that would be otherwise wasted.

15. Black Couch with Matching Greenery

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 8

A dark couch with matching foliage plants is all you need to have that chic interior decor.

16. Let It Climb!


A plant like pothos is a cool choice to let it climb all over an empty wall of any room of the house.

17. Hang a Pot with a Hook

Wall Behind Sofa Decor Ideas with Plants 9

If you have a limited space behind sofa, then use a hook to hang a pot of your favourite plant!

18. A Shelf and Pot Combo


A combination of shelf and pot will let you use the space in a way where you can position plants perfectly behind and around the couch.

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