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15 DIY Vertical Plant Tower Ideas for Flowers & Vegetables

Take your gardening to new heights with these Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas, perfect for sprucing up the garden!

Do you dream of having a lush garden but don’t have enough space? Vertical plant towers are the perfect solution for urban dwellers or anyone looking to maximize their gardening space. Here are some Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas that will inspire you to take your gardening to new heights!

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Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas

1. Strawberry Tower

Vertical Plant Tower

One of the most Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas is a strawberry tower that you can easily make for your home. Learn how to DIY here.

Learn everything about growing strawberries here

2. Petunia Tower

Want to add some color to the garden? Follow this DIY to create the perfect petunia tower that everyone will adore.

Here’s everything you need to know about growing Petunias

3. Tower of Tipsy Blooms

Vertical Plant Tower 2

Turn your backyard into one of the most amazing spaces by adding this tipsy pot tower full of beautiful flowers. Check this Vertical Plant Towert here.

4. Fence Flower Tower

Here is another of the most Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas of a wire fence tower full of wonderful blooms you can easily make for your home.

5. Cabbage Tower

Vertical Plant Tower 3

Want to grow cabbages in a tower garden? Look no further than this DIY here.

Check out our article for growing Cabbage in pots here

6. Spinach Tower with Paint Buckets

Put old buckets to good use and create this amazing spinach tower for your garden. Check out this Vertical Plant Tower here.

Get the best tips to grow spinach all year round here

7. Portulaca TowerVertical Plant Tower 8

Looking to add some wonderful blooms to your garden? This DIY Portulaca Tower is one of the Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas to get you started.

8. Ranunculus Tower

Do you like how this metal cabinet is used to make a Ranunculus flower tower? Well, you can get one for cheap in a thrift store!

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9. Stacked Bloom Tower under $10

Vertical Plant Tower 10

Looking for an option that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Go for this DIY stacked tower full of blooms that you can make for under $10.

10. Lettuce Tower

Want to serve crunchy and fresh Lettuce with every meal? Here is one of the most Amazing Vertical Plant Tower Ideas of a brilliant lettuce tower you can make with plastic bottles.

Have a look at our article on growing Lettuce here

11. Herb Tower

Vertical Plant Tower 19

Love using herbs in the kitchen? Why not go for a herb plant tower full like this DIY here?

12. Potato Tower


Here’s a cool way to grow potatoes and enjoy a plentiful harvest all year round!

13. Petunia Tower

Vertical Plant Tower 26

This can be a wonderful addition to your patio or a balcony. Watch this video for more details.

14. Pallet Flower and Herb Tower

All you need is a little corner space to make this pallet tower. You can also grow tasty herbs along with flowers. Details for this Vertical Plant Tower are here.

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15. Clematis Tower

Vertical Plant Tower 88

Check out how beautifully a wooden ladder can be used to make a flower tower at the back of the garden.

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