21 Best Thornless Roses You can Grow | List of Thornless Roses

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Do you love roses but hate the thorns that they come with? Here are some of the Best Thornless Roses you can grow instead!

Everyone loves roses and it is always good to have them in gardens! How lovely it would be if you can have them without worrying about those pricky thorns? Keeping that in mind, we bring you some of the best thornless roses you can grow, saving your hands from getting scratched!

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1. Irene Marie Miniature Roses

Best Thornless Roses

Height: 4-6 feet

Irene Marie features bright yellow petals with vibrant, orange edges. This easy to care, disease-tolerant rose variety, is completely thornless and has no fragrance as well.

2. Cinderella Miniature Roses

Height: 6-12 feet

Cinderella is a drought-resistant variety that produces tiny flowers in a white and pink shade, depending on the season and temperature. You can grow these bushes as a small hedge. They thrive well in sunlight.

3. Amadis Thornless Rambler Rose

Best Thornless Roses 2

Height: 8-15 feet

‘Rambling Rose’ has a mild fragrant, deep-crimson purple flowers, ideal for growing on pergolas and arbors in your garden. The only drawback of this variety is that they do not flower for long.

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4. Yellow Lady Banks Climber Rose

Height: 15-20 feet

This climbing rose is perfect for arbors, as it does well in full sun with well-draining soil. The lady bank produces yellow double flowers with a mild fragrance, during spring.

5. Veilchenblau Rambler Rose

Best Thornless Roses 6

Height: 10-15 feet

Also known as ‘violet-blue’ or ‘blue rambler’, this easy to maintain variety forms crimson, purple, and blue fragrant flowers, in full sun. Almost thornless, it produces medium-green foliage.

6. ‘Climbing Pinkie’ Polyantha Rose

Height: 6-8 feet

If you are fond of perpetual flowers in your garden, then climbing pinkie rose is ideal for you! The plant produces abundant fragrant vivid pink flowers from June till frost.

7. Smooth Prince Hybrid Tea Rose

Best Thornless Roses 10

Height: 3-8 feet

The fragrance of smooth series roses is fruity and the flowers grow in cerise red color. This thornless cultivar is disease-resistant and hardy, producing a small cluster of flowers.

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8. Outta the Blue Shrub Rose

Height: 4-6 feet

This fragrant heirloom shrub features magenta-colored, hardy flowers. The color may change based on the season and climate. It can survive in droughts and poor soil.

9. Oceana Hybrid Tea Rose

Best Thornless Roses 12

Height: 3-6 feet

These thornless roses are popular in cut flower arrangements. They grow in a beautiful shade of peach or creamy apricot. Oceanas are famous in spring weddings and Easter gatherings.

10. Hippolyte Gallica Rose

Height: 4-8 feet

This low-maintenance variety comes in crimson-purple flowers when young, and turn to the shade grape-mauve color, once the plant matures. Hippolyte grows taller than other plants from the Gallica family.

11. Leander Hybrid Tea Rose

Best Thornless Roses 14Height: 8-10 feet

Roses from the Leander family offers large flowers in the shade of apricot to yellow and pink, with a mild fruity fragrance. You can grow this thornless cultivar in partial sun in loamy soil with a pH of 5.5-7.

12. Lykkefund

Height: 18-20 feet

Lykkefund comes in fragrant, creamy-white flowers, with a yellow-pink tint. Make sure that you have enough space to grow this beautiful flower as it needs sufficient room to grow and can reach up to 20 feet in height!

13. Reine Des Violettes

Best Thornless Roses 16

Height: 4-8 feet

Reine des Violettes is a frequent bloomer that forms violet-colored, strongly fragrant flowers. You can grow them as a climber or shrub. The velvety flowers of this cultivar prefer moist soil.

14. Tausendschon

Height: 8-12 feet

Tausendschon was originated in the early 1900s. It offers mildly fragrant, large, medium-pink flowers in bunches. Almost thornless, it flowers during summer with glossy foliage.

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15. Zephirine Drouhin

Best Thornless Roses 18

Height: 10-15 feet

This hardy plant can survive well in shade and poor soil. Almost thornless, it is a climber,  bourbon rose, offering fragrant cerise-red flowers, in warm months of the year.

16. Mme Madame Alfred Carriere

Height: 14-18 feet

Madame Alfred cultivar offers thornless roses that thrive vigorously in summer and fall. This disease-resistant climber is ideal for archways and requires sufficient space to grow.

17. Kathleen Harrop

Best Thornless Roses 20

Height: 8-10 feet

Kathleen Harrop is a soft pink version of a popular variety ‘Zephirine Drouhin’. The plant produces fragrant flowers repeatedly during spring and summer. You can grow them as a climber or use an archway in your garden.

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18. Rosa Goldfinch

Height: 8-10 feet

This thornless rambling rose comes in a huge cluster of small white and yellow flowers. The plant flowers in early spring or late summer, in full sunlight and emits a strong, fruity scent.

19. Chloris

Best Thornless Roses 22

Height: 4-7 feet

Almost thornless, Chloris produces sweetly-scented beautiful flowers in the summer. You can grow this disease-resistant plant as a climber or shrub.

20. Shropshire Lad

Height: 5-8 feet

Shropshire lad offers fragrant, light peach-pink colored flowers. You can grow them on borders. This cultivar is hardy and thrives well on the north wall in partial shade.

21. Blue Magenta

Best Thornless Roses 24

Height: 10-12 feet

The blue magenta rambling rose can change colors from violet, blue to dark purple. Blue-magenta flowers appear pink during the first two years and turn into a purple shade once the plant matures.

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  1. Thank your the 21 almost thorn less roses. I want so many. Some I have never heard of. Maybe Heirloom Roses in Or, or Antique Rose Emporium in Texas carry most of these. They both ship in the USA


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