Stromanthe Triostar Care Indoors

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Here’s everything you need to know about Stromanthe Triostar Care Indoors and maintain its long slender leaves with vivid pastel stripes all year round!


Triostar stromanthe is a great plant to keep in rooms with its vivid pastel stripes, having beautiful colors embedded into it. If you too want to include it in your houseplant collection, then here are all the details on Stromanthe Triostar Care Indoors!

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How to Propagate Stromanthe Triostar

The easiest way to multiply Stromanthe Triostar is by division. During spring or summer, take the mother plant out of the pot and using clean shears or knife, cut away the clumps after separating the rhizomes. Do make sure that the clump has 3-4 leaves.

Plant the clumps in a separate container with fresh potting soil, and keep it where it can get bright, indirect light.

Requirements for Growing Stromanthe Triostar Indoors



The best location for the Stromanthe is where it can receive bright, indirect light. Make sure you are not exposing the plant to direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves. 1-2 hours of exposure to the morning sun would be a great idea!


A light and well-draining soil is going to keep the plant healthy and happy! Add perlite, coco peat, and organic matter to the soil for best results.


Never let the soil go completely dry as the plant likes to dwell in moist soil. The best practice to follow is to keep an eye on the topsoil. Poke your finger to it, and if it feels slightly dry, water the plant.

Temperature and Humidity

As a tropical jungle plant, it does well in the temperatures between 65°F (18°C) to 80°F (27°C) indoors. This plant loves the heat and humid environments, so mist it every day to encourage higher moisture levels. You can also use a pebble-filled water tray or a humidifier.

A Tip: If you are growing multiple Triostars, then grouping them together is a great way to increase humidity. As the plant releases moisture into the air, growing them together will create a tropical microclimate.

Stromanthe Triostar Care



Use a balanced liquid fertilizer once in 3-4 weeks. Also, dilute it to its quarter-strength to ensure you are not burning the sensitive roots of the plant.


Trim away the damaged leaves when you notice them on the plant. Few random dying leaves are normal every few weeks.


Wait till the plant outgrows its old container. The visible signs would be pups all around the pot. You can remove all the pots and plant them in the same container or go for one size bigger pot than the old one and use a new potting mix.

Pest and Diseases

The plant is prone to aphids and mites. To eliminate these pests, use a neem oil spray or mild horticultural soap. Since these pests come due to low humidity levels, continuously mist your plant. This will also keep fungus and molds away.

Where to Keep It


The plant looks great on tabletops near a window. The colorful foliage goes really well with a light shade room and a minimalistic design.

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