22 Adorable DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas

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See these cute Coffee Mug Planter Ideas and learn to repurpose your old cups and coffee mugs to plant succulents, small houseplants, and herbs.

Here’s a great way to use old coffee mugs in your kitchen and give them a new lease of life by growing colorful flowers, beautiful succulents, and flavorful herbs in them! You can also get cups from the thrift store to complete these super cute Coffee Mug Planter Ideas!

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Coffee Mug Planter Ideas

1. Succulents in Colorful Mugs

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas

Using assorted coffee mugs and succulents, you can have these colorful planters for your desk!

2. Hanging Wall Planters from Coffee Mugs

Plant succulents in coffee mugs and hang them on a wooden board. The step by step DIY is here!

3. Coffee Mug Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in coffee mugs and label them the way it is suggested here.

4. Coffee Cup Herb Garden

Using this idea, you can have a little stacked herb garden made from coffee cups.

5. Modeling Clay Coffee Mug Planter

This DIY teaches you everything about molding a cup of your own to grow your favorite plant!

6. Easy DIY Succulent Planters

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 3

A great gift idea for a mother’s day, you can make these charming planters and gift them to your mother! She’s definitely going to love these!

7. Succulent Cup Planters

This DIY is not just only fun to make, but it can also be an easy and inexpensive gift idea for birthdays too!

8. Clay Mug Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 4

Using clay, you can easily make a tall cup to plant different succulents!

9. Big Cup Planter

Big coffee cups are in trend, and you can easily find one in the store! They’ll be just perfect for growing multiple succulents!

10. Romantic Cup Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 5

This can be a great gift idea for someone you love, and you can surprise them with a cute little plant arrangement!

11. A Foxy Planter

This fox face cup looks unique and will make for a great tabletop planter!

12. Little Coffee Mug Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 6

An excellent centerpiece for a table, this coffee mug planter will look better with miniature vintage cars!

13. Bright Colored Mug Planters

Plum green color succulents will go really well with the bright colors of these mugs! You can also use artificial plants if you like.

14. Striped Coffee Mug Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 7

A large coffee cup with colorful succulents makes for a great windowsill planter. More ideas here!

15. Coffee Planter For Your Dad

Want to gift something different to your dad this father’s day? Nothing could beat this cute planter with a message!

16. Environment-Friendly Mug Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 8
Image Source: hamilton_stoneware

Get a large zebra-striped coffee mug to plant your succulents, you can drill a hole in the bottom for drainage or water only when soil seems dry.

17. Mug with a Quote!

Image Credit: Soleful Succulents

This bright white coffee mug will go really well against a dark wooden desk! Add to the look by growing colorful succulents!

18. A Combination Mug Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 9

If you are looking forward to more such amazing planters for succulents, then you must check out this page.

19. A Minimalistic Mug

Like simple things in life? This white and elegant cup will make for a great planter, which you can keep by a window.

20. Mug Planter with an Inspirational Message!

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 10

Want to inspire your friends with a gift? This mug planter will be a great choice with a strong message on it!

21. Cup with a Long Saucer

Image Source: lasucculenta

A coffee mug planter and a saucer can go well together.

22. Cup and Saucer Planter

Coffee Mug Planter Ideas 2

Attach a teacup or coffee mug to the matching saucer using a good adhesive, and you have your planter ready! More details here!

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