21 Creative DIY Boho Planter Ideas

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Using these creative DIY Boho Planter ideas, you can add more style and beauty to the look of your plants, taking it to a whole new level of awesomeness!

A Bohemian themed planter adds a sense of distinctive style to space with vibrancy and color that’s different yet attractive! These DIY Boho Planter ideas have a laid back appeal to them and offer a comforting look!

Here are some really amazing tiny planters you can make

Cool DIY Boho Planter Ideas

1. Simple Boho Planter

DIY Boho Planter

Hang up your planters in an unconventional way using wooden beads, string, and brass rings. The tutorial is here.

2. Macrame Cords Hanging Planter

Follow up the famous bohemian style by creating this hanging planter using macrame cords and beads. Learn the knots pattern and the DIY at Homedit.

3. Bohemian Wheelbarrow Planter

DIY Boho Planter 2

Give an artistic touch to any regular wheelbarrow using wood stain, paint, sponge brush, and other supplies. The idea is available at Place Of My Taste.

4. Boho-Chic Planter

Remodel a common thrift store bowl into this boho-chic planter with some silk ribbons. Use mod podge to attach the colorful ribbon onto the bowl, that’s it!

5. Macrame Planter

DIY Boho Planter 3

Here’s another tutorial to direct you to your homemade macrame cord planter. It’s seemingly simple and amazing for any home decor!

6. Boho Feather Planter

You’ll need decals from the dollar store, spray paint, a planter pot, and wooden boards to make one shown in the picture.

7. Lace Flower Pots

DIY Boho Planter 4

Laces can prettify any object to give your home decor a whole new level of look! Glue lace on terracotta pots and display a set of such planters with succulents.

8. Hanging Boho Planter

A plastic planter, hot glue gun, scissors, nylon twine, and yarn is all you need to make this fantastic looking planter!

9. Chic Boho Basket

DIY Boho Planter 5

This chic looking basket will be a great addition to your room!

10. DIY Clay Succulent Planter

Cute little succulents will look great in this planter made with air dry clay. You can also shape it up in unique ways!

11. Tile Cubed Moroccan Planters

DIY Boho Planter 6

Gluing together some Morroccon themed tiles, you can make a classy looking plater for your plants!

Have a look at the moroccan décor with plants ideas here

12. Crochet Plant Hanger

Want a retro-looking planter that you can crochet yourself easily? Head on to the tutorial here.

13. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand With a Boho Vibe

DIY Boho Planter 7

It may come as a surprise but this DIY is made from just cardboard letters and a glue gun! Details are here.

14. Tie-Dye T-Shirts Turned Boho Hanging Basket

Have old T-shirts? Use them in a creative way by making this boho planter!

15. Scrap Fabric Rope Flower Pot

DIY Boho Planter 8

The waste small fabric scraps at home can be used in a funky way to make this handsome planter!

16. Leather Indoor Hanging Pot Holder

Take the bohemian vibes to a whole new height by creating this rustic leather pot hanger.

17. DIY Boho Hanging Basket Planter

DIY Boho Planter 9

A basket and some paint colors are all you need to make this amazing planter! Check out the details here.

18. Boho Chic Ceramic Tile Planter Box

Easy to make, fun, cheap, and beautiful is what this planter is! Here are all the details to make this one yourself!

19. Boho Macrame Rope Coil Vases

DIY Boho Planter 10

You don’t have to visit an Anthropologie store for vases to have a perfect boho feel for your home! Watch this video to make them easily!

20. Terra-Cotta Pots in Boho Style


Using some small pots, Waverly paints, sponge brushes, gorilla Glue sticks, and jute cord, you can make this awesome planter!

21. Daisy Eyes Sugar Skull Planter

Image Source: plaidonline

What a fun way it’ll be to grow cacti in pots that look like this!

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